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Fushitsusha (不失者) is the trio of Keiji Haino (灰野敬二) on guitar and voice, Chiyo Kamekawa from Yura Yura Teikoku (ゆらゆら帝国) on bass, and Ryosuke Kiyasu (Sete Star Sept) on drums.

Haino formed Fushitsusha in 1978, although their first LP was not released until 1989. The band initially consisted of Haino on guitar and vocals, and Tamio Shiraishi on synthesizer. Fushitsusha became a trio with the departure of Shiraishi and the addition of Jun Hamano (bass) and Shuhei Takashima (drums). The lineup soon changed, adding Yasushi Ozawa (bass) and Jun Kosugi (drums) throughout the 1990s. Their 1993 album Allegorical Misunderstanding was released on John Zorn's record label, Avant, although most of their albums have come out on independent label P.S.F. and on major label Tokuma.

Fushitsusha then returned to duo status, with Haino supplementing percussion with tape loops, though the band was on a hiatus since 2001.

Eleven years after their last album (Origin's Hesitation, from 2001), Fushitsusha released another album on Heartfast, called " 光となづけよう " with a lineup consisted of Keiji Haino on guitars and vocals, Mitsuru Nasuno (from Altered States, Korekyojinn, Sanhedolin) on bass guitar and Ikuro Takahashi (of Kousokuya, LSD March) on drums.

Fushitsusha soon anounced their European tour with the lineup of Chiyo Kamekawa on bass and Ryosuke Kiyasu on drums.

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