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  • Great news!
  • According with some info gathered from the official Fb account, seems that Woe J. Ripper is about to relaease a new album the 27th November of this year. Being it's title "Baphomet Wade"
  • As a german I approve this band name [6]
  • As a german I approve this band name [5]
  • fuck off with the burzum comparisons.
  • As a german I approve this band name [4]
  • As a german I approve this band name [3] (everytime i see the name, it makes me laugh. and its been quite a while since ive seen it for the first time)
  • The opening riff from Zaredoo Knives Endows Thy Sight is an earworm.
  • As a german I approve this band name [2]
  • Oh, come on, just because it's a one-man black metal band from Norway doesn't mean it has an awful lot in common with BRZM.. Faustcoven would definitely be a better call as there's that strong vibe of old-school doom.. Also, it's funny how the sound of "Trident Autocrat" feels more tinny every time I listen to it - soon there will be nothing more than bones and sinews left of that album, haha
  • No such thing as too raw
  • Furzum? [2]
  • As a german I approve this band name
  • It is interesting to note that Woe also uses the name "Furze" as a verb, like in this excerpt from the lyric of "Seance": "I receive the direct rays, I reap the weaker rays, I furze...". Also, there is mentioned a process named "furzement" (in the phrase "never stop the furzement", which is a good phrase in its own right..).
  • Heil Satan
  • Too raw is never enought
  • Furzum?
  • Furze is fun! Also, he has some of the best song names ever seen in BM.. For example, "The Deeds that grasp by the candle's shade" or "Whilst the trident spawn and spectre" - nonsense (as perceived by the logical faculty of mind), yet still communicating something in a subtle way, which bypasses reason, straight to the heart.. Like navigating through lunacy and false assumptions..
  • Furze is awesome if you're open for it, & who the fuck cares about the name if the music is good really?
  • Xhi
    Darmwind wär nett.
  • they are not bad, but the band´s name is chosen very unfortunate....
  • Fresh Tea!
  • Why call himself FURZE? Why not Prut, Blaehung, Imperium Flatulenz, Darmwinde or Ræfill??
  • Furze in german is Stechginster, a plant, also Furz ist es nicht :D
  • Do people actually find the band name funny or are they posting to demonstate the post-ironic futility of their existence?
  • Thats maybe the kvltest name for a BM band :D
  • I wonder if he knows what "Furze" means in German... LOL
  • vocals are like upsidedown cross. genious
  • The new doom album is really badass^^
  • хуятакакаята
  • New interview with FURZE: http://thatshowkidsdie.com/2011/01/15/interview-furze/
  • new album is a classic, haha.
  • Whatever... It's funny :-)
  • imho something like "teach children to worship Black Sabbath"
  • New Furze - black'n'roll?
  • it's not BM? hahahaha.....
  • New Furze is not black metal. Its a good thing.
  • Sweet, new Furze album. Sabbath wörship!
  • Furze should tour Germany with Helfahrt. < lol
  • Why would it only say Eystein Garberg in band members when he was a session player on one demo? And Woe J. Reaper isn't listed at all? Can the admins do something about this?
  • Неудивительно, что у БМ группы "нехорошее" название
  • Finally figured out how to correct the album art for Necromanzee Cogent. No idea what the hell that stupid image with the yellow and orange dots was...
  • best band name of all time. and pretty amazing band too
  • Alright, enough of the fart jokes already
  • worst band name ever
  • А Фурзе с немецкого значит непристойное слово!! Сейв ми Джизус!
  • Furze should tour Germany with Helfahrt.
  • Fresh Tea, Anyone?! [2]
  • Furze is a type of shrub


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