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Fury of Five formed in 1994. Their early creative output limited to tracks on compilations, Fury of Five released two 7"s (Convicted and Condemned 1994 & Telling it Like it Is 1995) as well as a full length album entitled No Reason to Smile in 1996. The band toured extensively throughout the Northeastern United States with bands such as Madball, Earth Crisis, and Fear Factory, and completed two European tours with Integrity and Pro-Pain. Two releases on Victory Records followed, which were At War with the World in 1998 and This Time Its Personal in 2000.

From Myspace page
Forming in 1994, FURY OF FIVE is no strangers to NYC Hard Core. They've left their mark in clubs from Avenue A to 154th Street. However, FURY OF FIVE hail from New Jersey and are hand in hand with the other hardcore bands coming out of the neighboring big city. What makes this band so unique is their ability to attract the typical hardcore punk or metal kid with their street-level, fuck society lyrics coupled with skankable songwriting and the average metal head through their proficient use of head-spinning, jagged riffs.
The band has toured extensively throughout the Northeastern United States and has two European tours under their belts. The aggression, mayhem and energy that exist at a FURY show are unsurpassed. 'At War With the World' was recorded at the renowned Normandy Sound by Jamie Locke (Vision of Disorder, Madball, Obituary…).

FURY OF FIVE is the epitome of what todays underground music scene needs- a brutally honest, in your face, hard-working band. If you like hard music and want the real deal come and get some.

After all the shit that's gone down. After all the crap that's been said. The rip offs, the beat downs, the lies, the fucked up promoters, the broken promises, the record companies… Here it is FURY OF FIVE. "This Time its Personal"; this is the group that never compromised and never ever backed down. With FURY OF FIVE at any moment it could go off big time. A look, a stare, an attitude… see ya pal. I hope your insurance is paid up. Being addicted to chaos and anarchy myself I knew that I had to manage this band from the first day I met them. Self destruction was eminent; it was really just a matter of time. But in the end who really gives a fuck. We went around the world and had some good times and that's really where it's at. This is the band that took no shit (Or what they thought was shit) from anybody. Whether you were in a band (especially if you were in a band), a bouncer in a club, or just an everyday fool who can't keep your mouth shut your ass would get fucking taxed. It kept things lively - that's for sure. But when you live by the sword of course you die by the sword as well. In the end all of Fury's violent exploits painted them into a corner. There was just nowhere to go. It's hard to be a band when clubs don't want you to play since you put a bunch of their bouncers in the hospital. So there you have it. This could be the final document of the legendary New Jersey based band FURY OF FIVE… so enjoy it! Or else!


taken from myspace.com/furyoffive


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