• On plate + other things

    8 Mar 2009, 14:56 by Waveway

    I'm in a process of getting all my cd into HD. My computer is rather old and slow so I've been doing much else at the same time... Thus I haven't really updated "on plate" section even though I've been listening lot of stuff from vinyl... and Then from my Ipod of course (that's how lists keep updating)

    So what has been through....

    Nadja - Corrasion
    GREAT, so good to have this on vinyl. Check it from My Own Salvation / Basses Frequences

    Isis - Oceanic
    Good, and for some reason better everytime... Some time ago (like years) I though that panopticon is better, but I'm not sure anymore. I actually like and remember this more.

    Isis - Celestial

    Isis - Panopticon

    Isis - In the Absence of Truth

    Susanna - Flower Of Evil
    Good, but I wished more of her own songs.

    Melvins - (A) Senile Animal
    Uh, this is good. although I only tend to listen multipletimes the first vinyl, and then the rest every third time

    Taiga - hsheal
    Same thing here