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Funeral for a Friend



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  • "Hawthorne Heights would be a laughing stock in the real world." The real world sucks. You don't have to be a part of it.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQXzT3RtMSQ
  • Hawthorne Heights and FFAF are both badass. Get real, mang.
  • @Venusfly91 This is from 2005, bitch. Your favorite bands probably listened to this all day and copied a lot from it.
  • Such a badass album cover
  • Guitar work here is killer. Is this their more metal album?
  • Fantastic album, I don't understand the rubbish it gets a lot of the time, to be honest.
  • My favourite FFAF album :)
  • haha he actually made me laugh.
  • hey jack, first finish high school, then you can come back here and talk about music. k?
  • b e s t
  • @staR-Kron: You listen to Anberlin and NIN and call those bands boring? That's both sad and hilarious at the same time.
  • "Sonny" is amazing. Best song on the album.
  • I came back to this for the first time in a while today. If I could pick an album to sum up High School for me it would be this. It's strange because I'm moving to University in England in a few weeks and this an album I've associated so many memories with here.
  • Great album. Every song is good. "Monsters" and "The End of Nothing" are my favorite tracks, and who can't have a soft spot for "History"
  • Absolutely their best (2) @rowan5215: you listen to AC/DC, blink182 and such stuff and call Tracks of Hours generic&boring? That's hilarious!
  • @Rowan5215 - Monsters is by far the worst track on this entire album.
  • Absolutely their best
  • for sure ffaf best album
  • "All The Rage" "Hospitality" "Drive" "Recovery" and "Alvarez" are just generic and boring. The rest is good.
  • Probably FFAF's worst, but it has some great tracks, "History" and "Monsters".
  • shiiiiiiiitty album cover.
  • great album :)
  • мой любимый альбом F4AF.)
  • Funeral for a Friend's best. I actually thought the guitar work on this album was vastly superior to CDADIC. It's a lot more metal in places, but it's just a more varied and cohesive album. I really think Hours is the soundtrack to my teenage years :)
  • best album ever. FFAF will never top this
  • Always forget how much I love this album, until I throw it on again. :)
  • magnum opus
  • great album..
  • sonny...
  • easily their best.
  • At overall view this album is amazing! x)
  • Great album!!, best by far for me
  • nothing special... Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation is much better.
  • best album
  • By far their best album of all to date...
  • Love all their albums but this is their best - not only does it have some real standouts, but there isn't a weak track present. The riff heavy opening of the first 3 songs is stunning, while Recovery onwards is perfection!
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Everything+And+Nothing For fans of FFAF ...the first two albums especially from what i hear! A little different but you decide?
  • streetcar is awesome!!!
  • Hospitality <3
  • 'The End Of Nothing'...probably the best track on this album
  • Casually Dressed wins hands down every time. Couple stand out awesome tracks; Drive, Monsters and History. FFAF are the best, seen them live and they rock!!!
  • This album is much better than Tales Don't Tell Themselves I think.
  • hahahahahhahahahahaaha i actually thought the girl at the cover was a boy with down syndrome. funny
  • Nah this album ain't that good to be honest.
  • just! the! best! but... funeral are cool in generally
  • Best. Fricken. Album.
  • one of my all time favourites :]
  • amazing album :)

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