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  • Red Medicine>End Hits>The Argument
  • In On the Kill Taker > The Argument cant really do the rest since its too difficult to rank their albums to me
  • best snare drum in the history of everything
  • Epic Problem <3
  • Любишь пост-хардкор - люби и в голову топор
  • repeater > in on the kill taker > 13 songs > red med > argument > steady diet > end hits but also, what's the point of rating their albums, truly? they had a remarkably cool, consistent, and interesting discog and are prty legendary band overall so fuck it.
  • all of them > you
  • The Argument > In on the Kill Taker > Red Medicine > Steady Diet of Nothing > End Hits > 13 Songs > Repeater.
  • The Argument > Repeater > other stuff
  • Just re-watched Instrument for the first time since it originally came out and I must say, it's really not very good. The Instrument Soundtrack release is one of my favorite Fugazi albums but the movie is just totally unfocused, lacking in structure, poorly shot, choppily edited and there's little insight to be found on top of all that. Oh well.
  • Really boring music, Ian Macakye is an idiot
  • Someone's writing one of those 33 1/3 books about the In On the Killer Taker, check it out here:
  • I love this band
  • Red Medicine>In On the Killer Taker>The Argument>Repeater>Steady Diet of Nothing=13 Songs>End Hits
  • I just rediscovered what a great "album" 13 songs is.
  • Here's the correct album ranking: 13 Songs > Red Medicine < The Argument = Repeater * (In On the Kill Taker + Steady Diet of Nothing) - End Hits
  • Neckbone's Fugazi t-shirt in Mud = YES
  • your yearly reminder that this is still the best band ever
  • In On The Kill Taker > The Argument > End Hits > Repeater > Fugazi > Red Medicine > Margin Walker > Steady Diet of Nothing
  • Fodendamente foda!
  • Hmm, ours are pretty different, Doppz. For me it's The Argument > Red Medicine > End Hits > Repeater > Steady Diet of Nothing > In on the Kill Taker. Not including 13 Songs since it's not a proper album. Anyway, you're right, all their albums are very good.
  • OFFICIAL FUGAZI ALBUM RANKING 2015: In on the Kill Taker > 13 Songs > Repeater > Red Medicine > Steady Diet of Nothing > End Hits > The Argument.........all of their albums are at least a solid 8/10 though.
  • Heroes!
  • I think I'd rather listen to Alexandria and Intohimo who has at least some idea of the music and vocals instead incompetent set of sounds and screams mismanagement. Sorry Fugazi , I dont understand this shitсore. Old and true = not shit.
  • After agonizing for a long time, I finally decided to get rid of every non-Repeater non-13 Songs album of theirs. I needed to clear up some space on my music player, and I never found myself wanting to listen to their other albums. I even tried to listen to them again as a last chance, but I didn't find anything that made me want to keep them. Not bad, but just forgettable..
  • They have 2 vocalists.
  • the fact that fugazi was independent was at the forefront of their movement. however as time moved on indie became a blanket genre that could be marketable. fugazi's best tag is FUGAZI
  • Why is this tagged as indie?
  • i didn't dig guy's voice at first either, boy was i wrong
  • Труимо.
  • damn how do you not love guy's voice. [3]
  • Have you ever been cruel?
  • damn how do you not love guy's voice. [2]
  • Fugazi is so damn good. 311 played their first show with Fugazi.
  • Deadly shrewd and intransigent source of courage
  • Эти басы в сочетании с этим голосом заставляют меня плакать.
  • damn how do you not love guy's voice.
  • steady diet and kill taker are every bit as solid as 13, repeater and red medicine. There's times when I want to go ahead and say Fugazi is the best band of all time.
  • Rites of Spring to get into Guy's voice @matthew_roberts
  • I love MacKaye and Minor Threat and I like a lot of what I've heard of Fugazi but I can't seem to like Guy's voice at all any songs/albums I should listen to in particular to help me like it more?
  • Love this Music
  • Love it
  • Also I'd Downed City as underrated, for the same reasons as Walken's Syndrome. It's one you really have to read the lyrics for to really understand it. I get chills every time he says "not alright".
  • Fell, Destroyed is the most underrated song for me. Then everything on Steady Diet and End Hits tied for second place, haha. IDK what the most overrated one is. I literally love every song they've done, including Instrument Soundtrack. "Greed" is the only one I don't find all that interesting, but that's hardly overrated.
  • Waiting Room > Blueprint. But I like both. Blueprint's "I'm not playin witchooo" lyric makes me cringe a bit, plus a chord progression that sounds so classic it became a kind of retroactive cliche. (I still love it though, of course.) Waiting Room: "That song almost feels like "Minor Threat + Rites of Spring at 100%" rather than full on Fugazi." How on earth do you think that? Waiting Room makes FULL use of Joe's basslines and the reggae influences, neither of which are in MT or RoS. Plus, Guy's backing vox are downright adorable on it, sounding nothing like anything he did before or after.
  • And FELL, DESTROYED is one of my absolute FAVORITES. The riff in the verses, and the bizzaro negative space they create in that anti-chorus is just... Hngggggg
  • Latin Roots, Fell Destroyed, Latest Disgrace, Closed Captioned, Nightshop and Pink Frosty are all great don't know what you guys are talking about. GREED [is] the worst [song] in Fugazi's discography. [2] Greed is literally the only sub-par song they ever did. I ended up greatly appreciating Provisional/Reprovisional because of live versions.
  • Вашингтон, баскетбол, агрессия, хипстеры, показуха. Начинаю слушать этот высер вы бросаете вызов всем адекватным композиторам и исполнителям. вы как бы показываете им как можно дегрдировать как можно дойти до того состояния когда вы уже не сможете лестно отозваться о
  • Five corporations! Sad to think there are even fewer now.
  • Now the most underrated Fugazi song, for me, Polish. That's a great one that everyone bags on. Also Walken's Syndrome, which is purely Guy blasting at all cylinders.


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