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  • Avatar for spunkbubble_
    What's a FUGAZI?
  • Avatar for marcioitallo777
  • Avatar for Red_October2
    Отцы <3
  • Avatar for anunaiaves
  • Avatar for LeGoudron
    guy picciotto is my type of man
  • Avatar for omgGah
  • Avatar for kenny039
    why can't i stop listening to this band?!
  • Avatar for isisqs
    13 songs
  • Avatar for knight_88
    Such a great band!
  • Avatar for simtz
    your yearly reminder that this is still the best band ever
  • Avatar for defclassic
    barely see my breath
  • Avatar for Wolf_Cola
    Bed For The Scraping > Public Witness Program > Waiting Room > Cashout > Shut The Door > Give Me The Cure > Repeater > Full Disclosure > Five Corporations > Greed
  • Avatar for gummishark
    Red Medicine>End Hits>The Argument
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    In On the Kill Taker > The Argument cant really do the rest since its too difficult to rank their albums to me
  • Avatar for nikitalishansky
    best snare drum in the history of everything
  • Avatar for Freshed_Fisch
    Epic Problem <3
  • Avatar for Defiler_rus
    Любишь пост-хардкор - люби и в голову топор
  • Avatar for 3fingeredben
    repeater > in on the kill taker > 13 songs > red med > argument > steady diet > end hits but also, what's the point of rating their albums, truly? they had a remarkably cool, consistent, and interesting discog and are prty legendary band overall so fuck it.
  • Avatar for kitchen_knife
    all of them > you
  • Avatar for FoxMcCloudSSB
    The Argument > In on the Kill Taker > Red Medicine > Steady Diet of Nothing > End Hits > 13 Songs > Repeater.
  • Avatar for Antonius_Fire
    The Argument > Repeater > other stuff
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    Just re-watched Instrument for the first time since it originally came out and I must say, it's really not very good. The Instrument Soundtrack release is one of my favorite Fugazi albums but the movie is just totally unfocused, lacking in structure, poorly shot, choppily edited and there's little insight to be found on top of all that. Oh well.
  • Avatar for HoxtonTom
    Really boring music, Ian Macakye is an idiot
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    Someone's writing one of those 33 1/3 books about the In On the Killer Taker, check it out here:
  • Avatar for simtz
    I love this band
  • Avatar for olin97
    Red Medicine>In On the Killer Taker>The Argument>Repeater>Steady Diet of Nothing=13 Songs>End Hits
  • Avatar for El_Salvador7
    I just rediscovered what a great "album" 13 songs is.
  • Avatar for interhole
    Here's the correct album ranking: 13 Songs > Red Medicine < The Argument = Repeater * (In On the Kill Taker + Steady Diet of Nothing) - End Hits
  • Avatar for Violet_Sky
    Neckbone's Fugazi t-shirt in Mud = YES
  • Avatar for simtz
    your yearly reminder that this is still the best band ever
  • Avatar for apfigur
    In On The Kill Taker > The Argument > End Hits > Repeater > Fugazi > Red Medicine > Margin Walker > Steady Diet of Nothing
  • Avatar for eusouamorsa
    Fodendamente foda!
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    Hmm, ours are pretty different, Doppz. For me it's The Argument > Red Medicine > End Hits > Repeater > Steady Diet of Nothing > In on the Kill Taker. Not including 13 Songs since it's not a proper album. Anyway, you're right, all their albums are very good.
  • Avatar for Doppz
    OFFICIAL FUGAZI ALBUM RANKING 2015: In on the Kill Taker > 13 Songs > Repeater > Red Medicine > Steady Diet of Nothing > End Hits > The Argument.........all of their albums are at least a solid 8/10 though.
  • Avatar for Iddeous
  • Avatar for attack_kreept
    I think I'd rather listen to Alexandria and Intohimo who has at least some idea of the music and vocals instead incompetent set of sounds and screams mismanagement. Sorry Fugazi , I dont understand this shitсore. Old and true = not shit.
  • Avatar for Fenix_7
    After agonizing for a long time, I finally decided to get rid of every non-Repeater non-13 Songs album of theirs. I needed to clear up some space on my music player, and I never found myself wanting to listen to their other albums. I even tried to listen to them again as a last chance, but I didn't find anything that made me want to keep them. Not bad, but just forgettable..
  • Avatar for eviljim667
    They have 2 vocalists.
  • Avatar for KeatonXZX
    the fact that fugazi was independent was at the forefront of their movement. however as time moved on indie became a blanket genre that could be marketable. fugazi's best tag is FUGAZI
  • Avatar for dylstew
    Why is this tagged as indie?
  • Avatar for BMDrummer53
    i didn't dig guy's voice at first either, boy was i wrong
  • Avatar for kitto_katsu
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    damn how do you not love guy's voice. [3]
  • Avatar for baconsense
    Have you ever been cruel?
  • Avatar for AprilPhantom
    damn how do you not love guy's voice. [2]
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Fugazi is so damn good. 311 played their first show with Fugazi.
  • Avatar for perfiryev
    Deadly shrewd and intransigent source of courage
  • Avatar for anorangeboat
    Эти басы в сочетании с этим голосом заставляют меня плакать.
  • Avatar for Element_X
    damn how do you not love guy's voice.
  • Avatar for Doppz
    steady diet and kill taker are every bit as solid as 13, repeater and red medicine. There's times when I want to go ahead and say Fugazi is the best band of all time.


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