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Brutal Grindcore-Metal/Corpsecore/Maggot-funk from South Africa. Critics have often compared FUN's illustrious sound to the likes of "The Beatles" and "The Rolling Stones". Growin' up they were confused, their mommas kissing a girl. Their favourite rappers used to sing che-check out my melodies. Additionally, they sold four-finger rings.

Known Members:
Alan Ball - vocals, goreguitar
xHardcoreSataniKx - guitar
Wanker Joe - bass, utero-bass
British Bobo - drums
Nazzers - vile narration, ancient woodwind instruments
Jack Rotto - drum n bass grooves
Paul Horace - proponent of musical violence, terror-bass
Mystic Horror - warr guitar, chapman stick
Ritsuko Ashihara (aka Mürzbòw) - analogue noise, magnetic tape, clock radio
Kongo & tribe - jungle percussion, ritualistic dance
Monster - ghast guitar, 19-string acoustic
Boris Khanate - amp operator, amp noise, feedback set-up
Yuuka - fief of his Empire, saxaphone
Lord Yphirrõs - instiller of primal fear, hurdy-gurdy
The Dark Lord - keyboards

Jungle Fortress
Joyous Decimation of Cultures, Both Ethnic and Domestic - We’ll Eradicate ‘Em All, the Cunts
I’m Gonna Kill Your Relatives If You Don’t Shut Up Now Bitch
My Desire to Kill is Impossible to Subdue, and I’ma Kill You
Valley of the Crystals, and the Nine Satans: Shitfuck, Paul, Saco, Nazzers, Cuntzo & John Satan *
In a Pit Where I Found His Rotting Body, Volume One: The Unleashed Terrors of Nazzer’s Hidden Kingdom and the Final Resolution to the Eastern Trade Conflict
I Felt the Darkness Coming from the Eastern Kingdoms
Punk Rock Empire of the Dark Lord! ~HappyFEELING Japan~
Unleashing the Frighteningly Violent Reign of Nazzers (It’s What We Do)
Nazzers, Volume VIII
Maddeningly Bizarre Decapitation EP
Nazzers is Burnin’ Your Kingdoms
Violence and Killer: Fable of the Black Wings, Torn and Shredded by the Dark Lord, Who Considered Them an Inferior Race of Creatures that Should be Completely Eradicated from All Existence on an Earth That Has Come to Be Referred to as an Untitled Sphere of Delightful Meataxing and the Residence of the Congenial Butcher Who Has Cut Up Several of Your Close Friends in the Very, Very Recent Past


Paul is Coming to Violate You Within the Next Five Minutes

University of the Dark Lord, Prerequisites of Entry: You Must Have Mangled at Least Thirty-Five Corpses Over the Course of the Last Decade, and You Must Consummate the Blood Oath of Nazzers

Paul and Rocko Recount Their Experiences at Canberra’s Annual Destruction Derby (Warning: Extremely Disturbing Contents)

Nazzers, Volume IX

*Note: the other unmentionable Satans are Rocko, Kongo and Paul Horace (completely unrelated to "Paul").


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