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The original band was Front Line, which played from March until November of 1982. The band was from Norfolk, Virginia, and the members were Jeff Clites on guitar, Ron Stullenbarger on bass, Rusty Floyd on drums, and Andre Ceniceros singing. Jeff was the leader and founder of the band. As a side note, if anyone out there knew Jeff, he died of a heart attack on March 28, 2002.

There were no places booking shows in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, so Jeff hooked up with Mike from White Cross in Richmond. Mike got Front Line shows over the summer of '82 opening for bands like the Dead Kennedy's, the Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, and others in Richmond. Andre had a debate with Minor Threat Ian in North Carolina's magazine "Southern Lifestyles" over straight edge vs. no straight edge.

Ron left the band to join the army in the fall of 1982, and was replaced by me. I did one show with Front Line, then Andre quit. We briefly had Dale England singing with us, and we changed the name of the band to Bone Saw. The biggest show we did was on December 12, 1982, called the "Pre Christmas Pain Sale". It was a warehouse show in Hampton Va. and included bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Agnostic Front, White Cross, No Labels, the Mob, and a lot of other Richmond and Norfolk/Virginia Beach bands.

Dale was in the army, and he screwed up and was sentenced to the stockade for 6 months. We replaced him with Rusty's friend Pat Walsh on vocals, and we did several shows with bands like DOA, Minor Threat, the Void, the Mob, the Beastie Boys, the Angry Samoans, and we played CBGB's in NYC with the Mob.

God's Will Pat got kicked out by Jeff, and Dale was reinstated as the singer in May of 1983. We changed the name again to God's Will. We did a lot of shows the summer of 1983, including Legal Weapon, JFA (on their schoolbus tour), the Circle Jerks, and our last show was with Toxic Reasons and GBH on July 19, 1983. We went into the recording studio in late July and put most of our set down. The 11 best songs were put on a 7 inch record called You're On My Property Now, Son. It was released over the summer of 1984, but the band never played together again.

Jeff opened Skinnies Records in Norfolk with his partner, Steve Athey. His wife, Cheryl, died in 1996. Jeff also had some trouble with the law, but he had given up his share of the store and moved back with his mom in Cumberland Maryland. Dale had moved back there a while back too, and at the time of Jeff's death they were playing in a band together.

Rusty moved to New York, I lost touch with him.

I moved to the DC area and had a band called the Thing That Wouldn't Leave. That band was me playing guitar, Steve Jones singing, Glenn Rosenberg on drums, and Dave Roberson on bass. Our shows were really funny, Steve was a highly abusive singer who would rag on the crowd and pull crazy shit. One time he wore a "No Fat Chicks" t-shirt to a show and actually kicked two girls out. I have most of our shows on tape, they're highly entertaining. We also did a studio tape, with white guys doing rap in 1985 and songs like "King Kong Bundy". Steve wrote a song with a friend of his called "Dead Girls Don't Say No", that was a humorous look at necrophilia. We broke up in the summer of '86.

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