• 2012.50

    7 Jun 2012, 14:46 by nosnebulous

    It's June already, and so far there have been many releases to talk about, some good--some very bad. But the important thing is that the scene is still producing a wide variety of musical styles while retaining a signature sound.

    Various Artists - Septic X
    The yearly installment of infectious industrial as it exists in the world of Dependent. Unfortunately, it did not live up to its landmark status. There were many tracks that were good on it, specifically the tracks by Patenbrigade: Wolff and Volt 9000. The unreleased tracks by Edge of Dawn and Ghost And Writer seemed to be b-side tracks that didn't fit anywhere and so where included on compilations, much like the two bonus tracks from Front Line Assembly's Improvised.Electronic.Device were included on Dependence 2010 and Septic IX. Other tracks included on Septic X were remixes that were wither already available, or didn't advance the track much. I realize that these compilations are designed with an array of music that might be unfamiliar to a large audience…
  • TwentyTen: Half-Way Point

    15 Jul 2010, 21:21 by nosnebulous

    Now into July, 2010 is already half over. So far, 2010 has provided an additional 14 hours of music to my library. Many expectations as well as a few surprises. The jury is still out on a few albums, but here is an addition to the first quarter entry.

    mind.in.a.box - 8 Bits
    Metropolis / Dependent

    This was a decent release to follow-up the R.E.T.R.O. album. The club mix is not much different from the album version, and the "8.5" and "8.6" are identical with the exception of male vocals in the ".6" version. The B-side, "Last Ninja 2" is more than filler, but less than infectious.

    Mesh - How Long
    Metropolis / Dependent

    The follow-up single to 2009's A Perfect Solution. This is an excellent release, even though it is only five tracks long. The "full club duration" of the title track, the B-side, and the alternative of "Hold and Restrain" all merit multiple listens. More than simply a collection completer, How Long is a stand-alone extended player.