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From Our Hands (FOH) is a four piece punk rock band from Bratislava, Slovakia. They formed in January 2007 and consist of Matej Hoťka (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Richard Klimo (Bass), Matej Turcer (Guitar) and Miroslav Šimonič (Drums). 2009 was a very eventful year for From Our Hands.
They recorded a EP with six songs, signed to the Czech label X Production, and on the 15th of June From Our Hands recorded their debut album Buildings Fall and shot a video for the song Let it Burn!.
In 2010 they played 2 sold out shows with SUM 41 in Prague with their new drummer, Mario Marcinek, who replaced Miroslav Simonic for a few concerts.
In late 2010, short before the release of their new album, entitled Sinners, Miroslav Šimonič (Drums) was brought back into the band.

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