• Friday Mile's "Curtain Call" stuck on repeat...

    17 Jan 2008, 22:28 by sourjayne

    My friend Gary posted a review of Friday Mile's then new album Love & Gasoline EP nearly a year ago on his Seattle Powerpop Blog, but it took several other mentions of this band before it finally sunk in that maybe I should take a listen.

    Finally he posted a track on the KEXP blog in early January, and that track was Curtain Call.

    I downloaded it, added it to my rotation, and every time I heard it I appreciated its soft melodic qualities, but, beyond the refrain "I love you but you've already made up your mind, I'm sorry but I've wasted enough of your time," I never paid much attention to the lyrics. Honestly, I thought it was just a nice breakup song, along the lines of Grand National's Drink To Moving On (which kills me with its line "We're perfect on our own" every time I hear it.) One of the last verses of Curtain Call goes something like "I have no hard feelings, though time will tell. At least we can say we knew each other well." Nice, right?