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Freelance Whales

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  • wow this is good
  • wow,first time. I love it.
  • dat song
  • My first thought was that this was the Postal Service. Very similar sound.
  • one of the best songs i've ever heard.
  • yeah
  • Legitimate.
  • Epic song.
  • the postal service sounds
  • wanna make the keyboard hook my new ringtone. it is so happy!
  • love ~ love!
  • :D
  • just can't get enough
  • very nice : )
  • Nice synth =D
  • love this song
  • This album demands to be listened to in it's gorgeous entirety.
  • yeah, it's exactly like postal service.
  • I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS. why is it sooooo good?
  • Sooo, good!
  • i like
  • Great "driving with the windows down" song. ^.^
  • Every time I hear a song by these guys I think I'm listening to Michou. The lead singers sound so similar. And no, this isn't a knock. I like both bands!
  • I agree with it sounding familar to the Postal Service :) still great though
  • So great:)
  • greatness.
  • savory
  • such a great,original sound(:
  • Best song of the album for sure, and I love every single one!
  • Amazing and futhermore: my 10000th play!
  • Very good indeed! They capture perfectly the contemporary upbeat and uplifting vibe. Well done!
  • damn. so amazing
  • Such a mellow song, can't listen to it without feeling completely at peace.
  • <333333333333333333333333
  • Think it has a little bit of Postal Service about it...but faster! Really like them :)
  • Sounds like Owl City and The Limousines put together.
  • <333
  • There is not a single song by FW that isn't great, or (minus the negatives) I heart every song they’ve written.
  • gets me teary eyed every time
  • best song ever made!!!!
  • just my flavor
  • awesome track
  • great track :P
  • channeling a spot halfway between owl city and the postal service, with some hellogoodbye thrown in for good measure.
  • amazing.!
  • Oh yeahh. :)
  • Happy Face!
  • beauuutiful


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