• Dmetra's MP3 Rotation #7

    24 Feb 2007, 00:22 by Dmetra

    I've decided to cut my rotation down to 8 songs per rotation because Dmetra=lazy...ya.

    As with any mp3 rotation there are rules.
    1. No direct linking. I'm not sure what the download limits and such for some of the sites are, but I'd prefer not to take my chances.
    2. The obligatory delete after 24 hours rule. Nobody does it, but I have to put it here. These songs are for sample purposes only. Please purchase the CD and support the artist.

    1.Artist: Onitsuka Chihiro
    Song Title: Gekkou
    Album: Insomnia
    Language(s): Japanese/English
    # Of Plays On 7
    Comment: This song is beautiful. Chihiro has a stunning voice and it really shows in this pleasant, sweet song

    2.Artist: Sweetbox
    Song Title: Everybody
    Album: Adagio
    Language(s): English
    # Of Plays On 5
    Comment: I think my favorite part about this song is the message about letting go of the dead. On top of that the song is awesome; as are most Sweetbox songs. …