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  • That outro...
  • Lyrics are interesting, huh?
  • This song is so awesome! I would definitely let Alex stay anytime he wanted.
  • Reminds me a bit of Tom Petty for some reason.
  • <3
  • @opa_tudobom You sir, have made my day! ^_^
  • I love this one mostly for the break down
  • The guitar riff at the end is mindblowing.
  • why I love this song? Over the sound of bass, of course!
  • Love the end!
  • Drum + Bass = Fuck Yeah
  • I always hear "No, I don’t care his BREAKFAST is in your hair " instead of "breath" lol
  • or at least the start. this still sounds so... strange to my ears.
  • omguh itz franz playin da bl00esz
  • I must admit how pissed I am that they never used this for a music video. It woulda been EPIC! First off, let me give you some background: The Franz boys are Italian mobsters who are conducting the usual business of hunting down mob spies, when Alex notices a beautiful Italian girl, who always play hard to get. During the video, the phrase "Send him away" is used as mob slang for "have him killed", and yes, several people are 'sent away' in the video. The twist comes at around the last 40 seconds of the song, when Alex realizes that the girl he has been longing for is having an affair with the head of the opposite mob. Alex catches the two in the act, where he had hoped to surprise her with flowers, but instead pulls out his gun and faces the mob leader, who jumps out the window of her one story apartment. Alex pushes her aside and runs down the stairs at full speed, chasing after him. She calls the cops immediately, and Alex shoots the mob leader, in time for the cops to arrive.
  • i don't need the sour side of love!
  • dreamy
  • this music's bass got any kind ofmagic
  • Great song <3
  • i feel like doing the 2-fingered dance that Uma and John did in "Pulp Fiction"
  • <3 [2]
  • This is one of my favourites off Tonight. They gave it a bad review in Q, but I much prefer it to most of the singles, especially No You Girls. Still love Ulysses though :)
  • <3
  • oh my God. I freaking LOVE Franz Ferdinand.
  • one of the best on TFF
  • loooovvvvveeeeee the guitar riff... delicious.
  • I really like this one :) - it's great.
  • best one on the new album
  • I love it;)
  • Yeah, that's fucking good!
  • Sexy as.
  • I love this song! Great beat.
  • This song makes me want to go sit on a beach. Or dance on a beach. You know. Something beach like.
  • the guitar melody sounds slightly like that in 2080 but that's pretty much it.
  • Interesting sound...good cruising music
  • Are we listening to the same Yeasayer?
  • what? it doesn't sound like yeasayer at all. i wouldn't like it if it did. ;)
  • I fucking love this song.
  • yeah it sounds sometimes like yeasayer indeed
  • Im in love with this track
  • true true, they had to listen to Yeasayer a lot last year...I know I did.
  • awesome =)
  • this is so much like yeasayer it's worrying
  • This song would be great if the song would be much longer.
  • beatlesesque
  • great song :)
  • !!!!
  • <3

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