• Some albums i like part 11: Nono le petit robot

    5 Jan 2007, 19:08 by geheza

  • suckered!

    28 Apr 2006, 02:30 by hasuf

    so i got this dvd, "it's all gone pete tong" from the library. while i was watching it, my wife came into the room and she said, "whatcha watchin'?"

    "oh, this cool movie about a dj that lost his hearing..."

    and then came the words from my mouth: "some dude, Frankie Wilde. i never heard of him before". of course, given the "based on a true story" tag at the beginning of the movie, i kept thinking how i gotta check out this music from the greatest club dj that ever spun vinyl.

    well, of course, he doesn't exist.

    great movie and music, though.

    i got some Pete Tong and Chris Fortier mixes from the grand ol' napster days, but haven't bought anything. any other reccos?