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    5 Sep 2005, 06:26 by aphrospice

    Quiet storm is a late-night radio format, featuring soulful slow jams, pioneered in the mid 1970s by then station intern Melvin Lindsey at Howard University Radio, WHUR-FM, in Washington, D.C. Smokey Robinson's like-titled hit single, released in 1975 as the title track to his third solo album, lent its name to the format and to the radio program that introduced it to the public, as well.

    When Lindsey's "The Quiet Storm" debuted in 1976, the first tune on the turntable was the seven-minute-long Robinson hit, which introduced the slot every night thereafter. For many, when Robinson's trademark tenor voice wafted out over the airwaves, it signalled the end of the stresses of the workday. "The Quiet Storm" was four hours of melodically soulful music that provided an intimate, laid-back mood tailor-made for late-night listening, and that was the key to its tremendous appeal among adult audiences.

    The format was an immediate success…