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Frank Zappa

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (20:20)

"Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" is a song by Frank Zappa which appears on his 1974 record "Apostrophe". The single edit - one of Zappa's best known compositions - includes elements from "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow", "Nanook Rubs It" and "St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast" - all of which appear "Apostrophe" and with "Father O'Blivion" create a "mini-epic" which takes up the most of the first side of the album (the lone…

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Dreamed I was an Eskimo
Frozen wind began to blow
Under my boots and around my toes
The frost that bit the ground below

Frank Zappa - Don't Eat the Yellow Snow Lyrics


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  • This video has been blocked from view by folks who EAT yellow snow. But what's that in the distance? It's Frank Zappa, pursued by the Seal clubber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBpJgL8Aa5o
  • #dead
  • piss die Wand an. Geiler geht es wirklich nicht!!
  • rub it!
  • Another hacked down for time Zappa song. Still great tho...
  • Saw Zappa play this back at N.I.U. in De Kalb. He was recording this and also new tunes that were going to put on a new record. At the end of the concert, it was discovered that some Mother F'er stole the tape track. It was being recorded on special equipment, so it would have been of no use --- to no one except Zappa. What a Waste! Well he, or she, will have to answer to Saint Peter and/or Zappa someday for that indiscretion & travesty. I hope his or her punishment is being forced to eat a lot of 'Yellow Snow'.
  • "Lead-filled snow shoe..."
  • hate album tracks hacked for time... "Intelligently question authority." FZ
  • Love Zappa <3

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