• How I Came to Love Zappa

    16 Aug 2005, 06:19 by Andy_Milne

    In the early years of two thousand I was an innocent goon listening to all manner of IDM and other such trendy things that made me think I was the shit when I realized that music should be enjoyed for quaility over style. I came to this stunning absolution when I was at my sisters apartment. Her boyfriend at the time was one of those "Music Nerd" types. Anyway, we were hanging out and I was going to stay the night when they both had to go out. Bruce had to work and Laura was doing somthing boring that I didn't want to tag along for so I decided to stay back and watch TV. Little did I know how life alteringly profound that decision proved to be. I sat on the couch ready to empty my brain for a couple hours with some senseless violence, but fortunately my sister didn't get cable so I was left with two choices, watch one of the movies taht she had (she had like 3 or 4 videos, and they were all documentaries on rainforests or africa, not interested) or peruse Bruces CD collection... THE CD collection.