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    A stunning song. Every time I hear it the words and the sentiment move me to tears. Outstanding, but also a very depressing observation on life.
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    so if gun ownership is such a great idea, how come more American citizens have died from domestic firearms incidents in the last 50 years than in every conflict since independence in 1776? Just a confused Brit (no guns here!)
  • Avatar for thclizard
    Fitting song to hear first thing on this sad morning. My Governor is about to sign into law (7) anti-gun bills that the majority of the state constiuents are against. Governor Hickenlooper (And the Colorado Laegislature) was bought and paid for by Mator Bloomberg of NY to ram this anti-gun bullshit down our throats here in Colorado- pathetic! I feel like taking to the streets like it's 1905! Fucking coward politicians turning our rights into permissions and crimes. Fucking disgusting!
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    This is in my top foive best songs ever written. And that includes some serious names like Motzart & Dvorak, et al... This song sums up things for me quite well. Frank is the best!
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    Was very, very surprised to see Frank performing before the Olympic opening ceremony. Pleasantly so, though.
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    This is quickly becomming my favorite song of all-time!
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    This guy is seriously good stuff. Slick lyrics with a lot of meaning. He is an intelligent man as well; what a bonus. His songs are filled with amazing one liners that truly make you think about things, he inspires some serious introspection in me. YMMV.
  • Avatar for jptinta
    Just an awesome song :) Great to see how many people enjoy his music.


A teacher of mine once told me that life was just a list of
Disappointments and defeats and you could only do your best
And I said, \"Well, that's a fucking cop out\", you're just washed up
And you're tired and when I get to your age

Frank Turner - Love Ire & Song Lyrics



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