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  • Avatar for spineboy
    I really liked the "pop" that Kim Deal added to the Pixies, but yeah - Frank Black by himself ishard to beat. The songs are just..... made so well. LIstening to 21 reasons and Headache this morning.
  • Avatar for leavethecapitol
    his solo stuff as frank black is probs better than the pixies
  • Avatar for Taki90
    I prefer the more punkier direction from "trompe le monde" and his first 3 solo records to the first 3 pixies albums,a contrario to most pixies fans.
  • Avatar for ilkovsky
    Read the MOJO bit on Pixies, Frank's a smart guy. And what the band did for the miners in Chile was admirable, to say the least.
  • Avatar for Cylob
    [url=]Doolittle>Trompe Le Monde>Bossanova>Surfer Rosa or Surfer Rosa>Bossanova>Trompe Le Monde>Doolittle[/url] or what are your faves? Join tha debate!
  • Avatar for McBlood_857
    great man
  • Avatar for leavethecapitol
    the best
  • Avatar for porcelain_tree
    He's the Nathan Lane of pastry apologists
  • Avatar for Taki90
    he's like the john lennon of alt-rock !
  • Avatar for boumalhab
    The best musician ever.
  • Avatar for HushSettleDown
    Is it selfish that although I've seen Pixies and will do again... that I really want to see him do a tour again playing his Frank Black/Black Francis stuff?
  • Avatar for tenilite
    Teenager of the Year has only 1 more listeners than Frank Black :D that's cool
  • Avatar for CivilKiller
    genius bastard.
  • Avatar for brownieboy
    "Hang on to your ego" CD Single from 1993 is awesome, Has a great instrumental track titled "Surf Epic" on it.... And that image of Frank Black with the puppet needs to be the main display.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Why in the fuck does Cult of Ray have more listeners than Teenager and FB?
  • Avatar for Taki90
    Freedom Rock !
  • Avatar for jeffreywithonef
  • Avatar for LiveBootlegs
    Frank Black - Live @ Reading Festival, UK, 26-08-1994
  • Avatar for ryanrockegan if you're a fan of this..
  • Avatar for humilis
    "It's a beautiful day No, it's a horrible day And for the first time in my life I just don't care" The best soundtrack for my life. Since I bought this CD, I just can't get enough of this musical genius and his tongue-in-cheek tunes.
  • Avatar for Pinkerton-
  • Avatar for Beat_C
    IHRS: a worthy no. 1
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    Ultimate fat rocker (head to head with Brian wilson) [2] haha
  • Avatar for Mil_Mesetas
    Ultimate fat rocker (head to head with Brian wilson)
  • Avatar for candlaero
    I'm trying to be a guy who's hailing from Ann Arbor
  • Avatar for diadline
    i heard ramona sing
  • Avatar for kissesneverdie
    Nah, I don't think so.
  • Avatar for HushSettleDown
    sounds like pixies if you ask me
  • Avatar for Hunter420
    A great live CD of many great Frank songs Kinda strange mix - sounds like a board tape (crowd really quiet). Frank talks in French between songs. Headache is huge.
  • Avatar for KaiSoDaM
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Whatever Happened to Pong?/Thalassocracy might be the best one-two punch opener in rock music history.
  • Avatar for mecbirdhouse
    His Hang On To Your Ego cover is rather delightful.
  • Avatar for antitelo
    happy birthday, Black!
  • Avatar for rvnvalente
    totes love the song frank wrote 4 scott pilgrim the movie <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for MaximusAwesomus
    To anyone who has stumbled over here after listening to Ramona on the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, do yourself a favour and find "Teenager of the Year" (1994), his first solo album "Frank Black" (1993) is also very good, and features Ramona. I love all of his albums, but I thought I'd help out anyone interested in finding a place to start.
  • Avatar for juspma
    I also listen to Black Sabbath and Frank Black ;-)
  • Avatar for mzingg3
    'cult of ray' is awesome. 'honeycomb' is much different but real good too. still havent heard 'frank black'
  • Avatar for lucascgc
    I have always listened to Pixies, got the Scotty [sic] P soundtrack, now I listen to Frank Black. Do I count? [2] @jeffreywithonef Haters gonna hate
  • Avatar for jeffreywithonef
    It was featured in Scott Pilgrim, so it's getting a lot of plays from the film's soundtrack. Pity the film is pretty shit besides some of the songs and nice references to Pixies and Neil Young.
  • Avatar for SoylentBlack
    what the F is going on with "I Heard Ramona Sing" ?
  • Avatar for EnnuiClip
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Everyone listen to 'Surf Epic' from the Hang on to Your Ego single. Shit is awesome.
  • Avatar for Loud-Quiet-Loud
    Kind of a shame his plays are split with Black Francis but he's a complicated man, our Frank.
  • Avatar for deadgrandma
    Frank Fat
  • Avatar for sandwichesz
  • Avatar for MissionComplete
    Czar needs about 2,000 more weekly plays.
  • Avatar for TheSurftones
    I always put off listening to Frank black's solo career for whatever reason despite my love for the pixies. Just got his first three albums, and they're fantastic. Can't stop listening to him.
  • Avatar for goobag123
    I have always listened to Pixies, got the Scotty P soundtrack, now I listen to Frank Black. Do I count?
  • Avatar for Pixzeez
    This guy knows about music.
  • Avatar for superc4t
    Los Angeles <3


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