• Confessions

    24 Sep 2007, 12:25 by luisadeza

    Okay, I've decided to fess up and reveal some of my musical "sins". No special reason, it's pure procrastination...

    1. I dearly love The Who - come on, they made it Top Overall Artist in about 3 weeks of intensive listening - but I can't stand Baba O'Riley. It's the intro - about 20 seconds into the song I always want to scream "Turn it off!". Repetitive high-pitched noises make me go crazy ,should I ever get a tinnitus they'd better lock me up somewhere!

    2. I prefer George Harrison's solo stuff to The Beatles. Especially their early stuff just isn't my cup of tea. Which doesn't mean, that I don't like them and don't acknowledge their importance, I just prefer not to listen to She Loves You or the like.

    3. It's said that Luciano Pavarotti was the Rodolfo in La Bohème, I always thought Franco Corelli was so much better.

    4. I love listening to Alejandro Fernandez, not because I like his music so much, but because he's a walking talking cliché and it amuses me to no end. …