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    Does anyone know if Roubaix composed any more "horror" or dark/avant garde type material ala "Les Dunes D'Ostende" ? That has to be the best "Rock in Opposition" tune not written by a "Rock in Opposition" artist.
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    Chapi Chapo les mecs....un trip inoubliable dans une autre dimension
  • Avatar for Malysh_Koko join if you wish
  • Avatar for sojapapuja
    Le Samouraï ♥ !
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  • Avatar for Epitymbidia
    He wrote so many great scores! "Dernier domicile connu", "Tante Zita", "L'homme orchestre", "La grande lessive", "Ho !", "La blonde de Pékin", "Les secrets de la mer rouge", "TEVA : Opération Gauguin", "La mer est grande" ... I love them all!
  • Avatar for RussAuto
    Le Samouraï
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  • Avatar for idas15
    Le Samouraï ♥
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  • Avatar for towersOfSong
    I just watched Le Samourai the other day and by far what stuck out the most for me was the soundtrack. I just love it. Managed to find the soundtrack to that and Les Aventuriers, and now I want to see that one too, just for the music! Le Samourai and Journal de Bord are both brilliant.
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    very very filmo music
  • Avatar for NikiNaki
    Le Samouraï
  • Avatar for clark_
    50 ans trop tôt
  • Avatar for bear_panda
    ха, L'Homme Orchestre - это ж про него самого
  • Avatar for emmaesse
    Pour information, le site non officiel sur François De Roubaix :
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  • Avatar for PenningtonNY10
    Ohhh just got the urge to watch Le Samourai again...
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    easy listening
  • Avatar for hannustratet
    tastes sweet
  • Avatar for wjp4107
    Good day... Please check out the [group]Movie Score Addicts...[/group] group. We would be very glad to have you as a member too. Thanks...
  • Avatar for moreaupat
    This guy was such a GENIUS !! and yes he left us too fucking early :(
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    ...gulianomm!!! thx! ;)it's good for me [*****]
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    A truly great and eclectic movies soundtrack composers, who left us too earl unfortunately... :(

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