• Summer Nights 2013 compilation

    8 Mar 2013, 18:48 by vroenis

    It's been a long time since I've posted.

    I've been doing a lot of listening and not a whole lot of writing, that's how life is sometimes.

    In my long and winding music tourism journey, I've come to revisit After by Dzihan & Kamien (not sure how this will format so bare with me). It's a killer track from way back in 2000 and I realised I was really missing the electronic jazz sound (Nu-Jazz I guess, I'm not fond of that term).

    This is a comp I quickly worked on over a couple of days and am finally happy with the playlist. Unfortunately as my car stereo still only plays audio CDs (not even mp3 CDs), I still work with the 80 minute limit, but I really enjoy the limitation. It keeps the comp disciplined and focused. It was a hard omission to make, but in the end it just lacked the punch that After and Bottin's Disco's remix of Elektra Bregenz have.

    So here it is, some old, some new, some borrowed (thanks Rok) and some slightly new though not terribly (I'm guessing the Cates…
  • Schema Records can do no wrong...

    11 Jan 2007, 13:52 by vroenis

    Listed alphabetically, these are the Schema artists I've acquired in the last three weeks;

    Cabaret Noir
    Rosalia De Souza ('Garota Diferente' presented by Nicola Conte)
    S-tone Inc
    Toco (presented by S-tone Inc)

    Every minute of this selection of music is pure gold, and I'm grateful for the find as I haven't really been impressed with what I've heard from dZihan & Kamien's Couch Records. The few releases I have bought were worth the purchases, but still are hit and miss. As for Schema releases, I thoroughly enjoy every track on every album I have.

    I'll now pay full-price for any Schema release I find in the future, but so far not a single one of them has cost me more than AUS$10, and that truly is amazing.