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  • Avatar for kimmzero
    More skillful than Kim.
  • Avatar for rhuancesar_
    Empregada da Lil Kim
  • Avatar for pocpowa
    i miss the 'Thelma&Louise' of hip-hop with lil' kim. chyna doll is the shit!
  • Avatar for RKAREY
    King Fox
  • Avatar for LThiC
  • Avatar for TecnoDevil
    black kwin
  • Avatar for HowToBeInvisibl
    SO HOT
  • Avatar for Theelusiveg0y
    pisa na cunaj
  • Avatar for weastcoast
    No One's
  • Avatar for phukerr
    Fox Boogie
  • Avatar for wojciechosiak
    I'LL BE <3
  • Avatar for JuniorJeanMinaj
    KING FOX! ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for chyna-whyte
    KING FOX! ♥
  • Avatar for China_Food another HQ chyna Doll era scan
  • Avatar for China_Food HQ Chyna Doll era scan
  • Avatar for madboy
  • Avatar for China_Food
    Drugz <3 She sounds like old Foxy before she lost her hearing
  • Avatar for CWAS91
    'DRUGZ' sounds promising.
  • Avatar for urrrgh
  • Avatar for AdamH8sYou
    Props to her for finally breaking the 1,000,000 play mark:-D On a side note, I wish she would seriously get her shit together already & put out some damn music. And not the low-budget shit, like Bandz Up.
  • Avatar for FoxyPapi
    FOXY!! ill na na
  • Avatar for fresco_85
    I miss her.
  • Avatar for eye_no THIS ONE♥
  • Avatar for KennedyKing
  • Avatar for tastefulchoice this should b voted up :)
  • Avatar for GimmeRAWR
    give me my money foxy brown :(
  • Avatar for GoodBoy288
  • Avatar for Mirrors_2020
  • Avatar for Mirrors_2020
    Get Me Home (feat. Blackstreet) ♥
  • Avatar for GOTNOTIME4BS
    I'm glad to see "I Can't" in the top 20...It was sooooo underrated
  • Avatar for madboy
    One of the best rappers of all time
  • Avatar for AdamH8sYou
    ↓↓↓ That's the Reggae singer Foxy Brown lol
  • Avatar for GimmeRAWR
    lol at the top album on the far right... who is that?
  • Avatar for sirenaluminum
    Chyna Doll is skyrocketing into my favorite albums ever. All hail Foxy <3
  • Avatar for eye_no
    So many good tunes. Love her [2]
  • Avatar for madboy
    So many good tunes. Love her
  • Avatar for tastefulchoice
    This pic too:
  • Avatar for tastefulchoice
    Can we vote some of these pixx up if you guys like any? those are some hot ones imo
  • Avatar for Bnooot
  • Avatar for St8of_Emergency
    tbh she can spit SOOO much better than kim. foxy just flows.
  • Avatar for tastefulchoice
    REALLY missing her so much. Greatest female rapper who ever did it. [2]
  • Avatar for Trufbeesteall86
    REALLY missing her so much. Greatest female rapper who ever did it.
  • Avatar for chyna-whyte
    "10000 plays in your library" ♥♥♥
  • Avatar for chyna-whyte
    LOL... and I've already got amped :/ I wish she would record some new music!
  • Avatar for chyna-whyte omg... this CAN'T be real!!!
  • Avatar for madboy
    happy birthday to one of my favorite rappers of all time
  • Avatar for chyna-whyte
    Happy Birthday Inga!!! ♥
  • Avatar for Viniss
    I like her style.
  • Avatar for SyntaxE
    V -- Why would you be jealous of listening to Foxy Brown 9000 times... It's not really as if that counts as a life achievement...


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