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  1. Hometown : Crisfield MD
    Cody Bradshaw - Drums
    David Tyler - Guitar
    Daric Evans - Bass
    Martin Padilla - Vocals

    Hailing from Crisfield, MD,…

  2. Poveglia is a deathcore band out of the Baltimore/Frederick Area. Formed in 2008, Poveglia quickly became a colossal force of music in the local…

  3. Beyond Cure is a Taiwanese Metal band from Taipei, founded in 2006. It's one of the most famous Metal bands in Taiwan. They began making…

  4. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  5. In Dying Arms is an American deathcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. They were formed in 2006 following the split of many other bands in the…

  6. Impurity Of Myira is a Deathcore Band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They were formed in December of 2009.

    Having influences such as Carnifex,…

  7. Paradise in Exile is an Australian deathcore band from Perth, Western AU. They formed in 2010 and have so far released a five-track demo entitled…

  8. Mummified In Circuitry is a metalcore/deathcore band from Billerica, MA, and is currently signed to Innerstrength Records. They formed from the…

  9. Deathcore band from Weißenfels, Germany

    Chris - Voc.
    bXe - Guit.
    Rick - Drums
    David - Guit.
    Feifel - Bass

    E.T.M. is a Deathcore Band with…

  10. THE ORDER OF ELIJAH is a six piece group out of Joplin MO.
    The music is heavy.
    The message is simple.

    TOOE has shared stage with:
    "Born of Osiris",…

  11. Point Below Zero have been around since 2007. In 2012 they have finally released their debut EP!


  12. Ashes of December are a hardworking 5 piece metalcore outfit from Brisbane. For the last 2 and a half years they have been blazing away in the…

  13. Upon a Red Sky are a Deathcore band from Sankt Martin am Ybbsfelde, Lower Austria, they were formed in 2008.

  14. facebook bandcamp vk
    Formed In: 2011
    Hometown: Tyumen, Russia
    Genre: Technical Deathcore/Death Metal

    Band Lineup
    Dmitry Bakhmatov :: Vocals…

  15. Bound By Exile are a British deathcore band formed in late 2009 in Exeter, England. The band self released its 5 track EP called "Oppression" in…

  16. There are three bands named Dweller

    1) Dweller are a deathcore outfit from Livonia, Michigan. They've released an EP entitled 'Cut Off From The…

  17. Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Genre: Death Metal / Hardcore
    Members: Justin Genoble – Vocals, Chris Donohue – Drums, Jason Keating – Guitar, Garrett…

  18. Hometown : Columbus, OH
    Mike Leone - Vocals
    Kyle Mertz - Guitar
    Adam "AZ" Zealer - Guitar
    Chaunce Martin - Bass
    Shane Valentine -…

  19. Facebook
    Formed In: 2008
    Hometown Location: Rome, Italy
    Genre: Heavy/Technical Death Metal/Deathcore/Hardcore
    Record Label:…


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