• Frail Walls #2/Dirgehead #8: REACHING./Seedbed split 7" LATHE!

    28 Oct 2009, 16:04 by logbut

    Yes I know Evan already made a post about this, but I'm gonna too. :P

    By logbut, shot with Canon PowerShot A590 IS at 2009-10-28

    After six long months of waiting, they are finally here, the glorious poly-carbonate discs hand cut with grooves to truly make your head shake. This co-release from Frail Walls Productions and Dirgehead Distribution Company offers up some truly hard to listen to sonic art in 100% DIY fashion. So DIY in fact, that Rick Ta Life himself has weeped at the mere thought of this 7". Every aspect of this record was handmade, from the silkscreened cover, to the hand cutting of each record by the mythical Peter King, and of course the music carved into the grooves.
    Musically the artist truly are wearing their Sunday best, or something. Reaching. brings 5 minutes of low end oscillator violence with cascading walls of skree. Satisfying and harsh. A Dilemma if you will. J. Briglia, L.
  • 50 (PLUS 40) bands, god the euros are inbred!

    17 Dec 2007, 22:15 by evesummernight

    My 1,2,3,4 artists have been removed for their lack of interestingness.

    So, i skipped to number four...

    1. Jawbox
    2. Nation of Ulysses (who i'm listening to now)
    3. Drive Like Jehu (who as i'm posting this, am listening to)
    4. Shellac(back to Chicago)
    5. June of 44 (I think i can see where i'm heading now)
    6. Don Caballero
    7. Faraquet(So underrated. Cut Self Not was a supreme track)
    8.Burning Airlines(back to Jawbox, ish, without bill barbot)
    9. Channels (at this point i realized i was cheating, and wasn't picking the first band on the list of similar artists)
    10. Medications (so far everything is basically DC post-hardcore with mathy influences, i've got 3 of the 4 j. robbins bands, both faraquet bands, the major players in math rock, sans slint)
    11. French Toast (what type of name is that for a band?! ex-NOU, go figure)
    12. Fugazi (this is where it hurts)
    13. The Evens (maybe not, Amy Farina? any relation to Geoff Farina?)