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Similar Artists

  1. Circle: 狐の工作室 (Kitsune’s Workshop / Foxfactory)
    Arranger: ゆっきー (Yuki)
    Homepage: http://yuki-factory.main.jp/

  2. name :Mandarin
    circle: Mikan Box
    www: http://mandarin.dojin.com/mikanbox/

  3. flap+frog is a Touhou doujin group that focuses on calming jazzy renditions of popular Touhou tracks.

    Arranger: Iwakura Komaki (イワクラコマキ)…

  4. Arranger: だ (da) aka Jacob Kimasu
    Circle: Forest306
    Homepage: http://tohoguitar.blog51.fc2.com/

  5. Sole member of k-waves LAB, which is his own circle.

  6. 2008 - Present

    Official website: http://ddby.jp/

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. Circle: Aitherium


  9. Folk/Celtic Arrangements

    Website: http://piroparu.web.fc2.com/

  10. name: Urue Koreito a.k.a. yukarino
    circle: KARMART, Attrielectrock

  11. name: pi-e-
    circle: ROUGH TIME
    www: http://roughtime.hp.infoseek.co.jp/

  12. Name: Shishimai3Gō

    Circle: ししまいブラザーズ (Shishimai Brothers)


  13. オーライフジャパン (O-Life Japan) is the circle around まさみティー (MasamiT), who arranges Touhou music in an orchestral and folk-like style.

  14. Arranger: Takumi Inohaya
    Circle: Frontier Records (Frontier Create)
    Homepage: http://www.frontier-create.com/

  15. Circle: Sisimai Brothers (ししまい三号)
    Homepage: http://www.sisimai-bros.com/

  16. Circle: Tutti Sound
    Arranger: ネオ

  17. Kou Ogata's circle.

    Website: http://kou-ogata.net

  18. Arranger: ゆっきー (Yuki)
    Circle: 狐の工作室 (Kitsune's Workshop / Foxfactory)
    Homepage: http://yuki-factory.main.jp/

  19. Circle: Crossgear
    ・Composer/Arrange/Mix: tks-
    ・Project/Movie/Web/Lyric: NA2KI
    ・Composer/Arrange/Guitar: yasu


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