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    Finally a new album first listen now.
  • Avatar for kgkt6kfv
    new album rocks my socks
  • Avatar for frummel
  • Avatar for Lost_Souls_UK
    I think they've honed their skills; guitar on the new one is sick.
  • Avatar for forfrosne
    The new album is awesome, really enjoyed it. Will definitely have to look into their discography.
  • Avatar for AthalwolfMortum
    Awesome band!
  • Avatar for Yygdrasill
    New album (and the rest) available for listening here folks!
  • Avatar for KageStar
    New album is going to be called "Curse of the Cwelled". Cover looking dope as well
  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
    best of this metal direction ( and side project of one brother too)
  • Avatar for TobogganOfHate
    this is the kind of penis i can get behind
  • Avatar for BTsGraveland
    I'd agree with TmAYD concerning the drum machine. It isn't so bad when it's just laying the rhythm down, but whenever the pace is picked up and it's "blasting" it does sound bad and makes Forefather's music, which should sound authentic, sound digital instead. Not enough to detract from the riffs, leads and general mood they inspire, but an actual drummer behind a kit would be so much better.
  • Avatar for Hokloff
    Riff after riff after riff...
  • Avatar for Clubonica
    Very excited for the new album; winterfylleth and wodensthrone weaklings can step aside. Bring forth the riffs!
  • Avatar for MetalHammerz
    Hail From Latvia \\m/
  • Avatar for TmAYD
    Feel like Forefather have been completely overtaken by Winterfylleth in recent years. Their refusal to play live has not helped at all in that respect, but equally I feel is their insane usage of a drum machine. Winterfylleth in comparison sound so much more genuine with a real unit behind the drums, whereas Forefather come across very bedroom in comparison.
  • Avatar for NCROLST
    This is a riff-o-rama, digging it!
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  • Avatar for garandhero
    Can't believe "The Paths of Yesterdays" is so low ranked ;'(
  • Avatar for Janydmaen
    benim için bir Forefather var, bir de Forefather var.
  • Avatar for badbulon
    Steadfast is one best album from past decade.
  • Avatar for Pheneks
    Miri it is always gets me into such a great mood.
  • Avatar for Clubonica
    Craftsmen of the riff.
  • Avatar for metalmicky
    14.10 1066 Play 'The Fighting Man' out of respect for the fallen.
  • Avatar for grantosjones
    Regardless, they need to pull their collective thumb out of their collective arse and play live.
  • Avatar for morthvargr
    The tribes of Ænglaland shall unite to repel the Vikingr tag!
  • Avatar for OceanGypsy666
    I'm a Viking and Forefather makes me so! ;))))
  • Avatar for Un_Autre_Con
    Anyone who says "Englisc" instead of "English" is a wanker.
  • Avatar for Mortum_est
    пацаны тащат
  • Avatar for cultur-multur
  • Avatar for bjornoW12
    wonderfully gay
  • Avatar for Alice_North
    awesome band
  • Avatar for metaltroll87
    Pure Awesomeness!!!
  • Avatar for grantosjones
    wish people would stop referring to forefather as 'viking metal', it's uniquely Englisc! [2] Also the term 'Viking metal' is horrendously gay.
  • Avatar for MystoDysto
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Last of the Line!
  • Avatar for SaxonKiwi
    wish people would stop referring to forefather as 'viking metal', it's uniquely Englisc!
  • Avatar for steal_briefcase
    'Anglo-Saxon' is not a language. Old English is, and 'primitive' seems a strange word to use to describe it, given that you seem to be using it in a derogatory manner. It's no more silly than something like Latin anyway. So far as genre names or tags go, 'Viking metal' and 'Anglo-Saxon metal' are both equally ridiculous.
  • Avatar for The_Mercian
    Drostanxxx... There's no such thing as Vikings these days either but that still doesn't stop people writing songs about their history and heritage, nor does it make the 'viking metal' tag any less fitting. Forefather play a brand of metal obviously inspired by a lot of the 'viking' metal bands but like a lot of up and coming English bands they choose to sing about the race of people that made England and gave it much of its character and history (much of which is, sadly, barely remembered). I point you to The Steadfast Trust if you think that few people care about the culture, heritage and language of pre-Conquest England.
  • Avatar for unkldrtnp reviewed "last of the line"
  • Avatar for Fabeldyr
  • Avatar for Drostanxxx
    anglo-saxon? lol there's no such thing unless you're talking about a dead, primitive language that very few people understand or care less about
  • Avatar for LadyElvina
    i can't help but feel ecstatic any time anywhere when i hear Miri It Is ^^
  • Avatar for HighDescendant
    It´s good that you can put on a Forefather record after a long time and you know that there are tracks like "Brunanburh", "Steadtfast" and so on, that will blow you away in any mood. I like the new album as well.
  • Avatar for juliocesarmaia
    ...makes me jolly
  • Avatar for Horns_of_Gondor
    Would gladly give up my testicles to see just one Forefather song performed live.
  • Avatar for Riskkapital
    One of the best bands in England. So underrated. [2]
  • Avatar for YanquiOfYpres
    One of the best bands in England. So underrated.
  • Avatar for grantosjones
    Wish they would play live.[2]
  • Avatar for Degora
    Wish they would play live.


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