• Song Of The Day - 1st September 2008: Forbidden Evil

    1 Sep 2008, 23:09 by GrantRS

    Forbidden / "Forbidden Evil" / Forbidden Evil (4) / 1988

    Artist: Forbidden
    Original Album: Forbidden Evil
    Track: Forbidden Evil

    Another title track, this one easily explained away by the fact I don't know very much by the band. I read that this was their best album and the easiest track to find was the title track. I quite like it. The riffage is great, even if the vocals are a bit strange in the way that every now and then vocalist Russ Anderson seems to decide he needs to break from the California thrash style vocals to something much more high pitched and more reminiscent of the most adventurous Anthrax's Joey Belladonna would reach to or the standard vocals for Agent Steel's John Cyriis, which would be fine with me if he didn't then immediately switch back to the more typical thrash style. It's not that I have a problem with either, but the switching seems a little unnatural, and I find myself thinking, "make up your mind!" It's forgiveable though when the riffs are as good as they are.