• Favourite Songs A-Å

    7 Apr 2008, 22:30 by Noyhad

  • March Twelve's Top Ten

    14 Mar 2006, 07:32 by Sarey

    So, to follow the masses, a wee review of my listening habits this past week.

    1. The Smashing Pumpkins 54 plays
    I don't know what has posessed me this last couple of weeks to completely whore out the Smashing Pumpkins. News of their return? The fact that they completely and utterly kick ass? Both valid reasons. Billy's voice isn't for everyone, but for me it's amazing.

    I think I decided to play a lot of them because I have such a huge bloody amount of Pumpkins songs and haven't listened to all of them. As such, guilt set in. I believe I'm well on the way to relieving myself of that guilt. Set The Ray To Jerry is amazing, by the way.

    2. Chris Cornell 33 plays

    Come on. It's Chris Cornell. There's something about him and I can't just play one song, I have to play them all. I was possibly influenced by MrModernRock and all of his wonderful journal entries as well. Either way, I've been enjoying Chris' solo work a hell of a lot. And lamenting his loss to the mediocre Audioslave.