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  • miilena_cb


    May 2013
  • mdr9inchnails

    This is great!!!

    May 2012
  • kurtnirvanakris

    so beautiful

    October 2011
  • vaidabhishek

    I just can't listen to Foo Fighters, but this song is my all time favors !!! AViD

    September 2011
  • feuer123


    September 2011
  • Predator-Wolf

    ...and I love her...

    April 2011
  • chuckehh

    not much of a fan of foo fighters, but i love their accoustic stuff

    March 2011
  • _danton_

    "Watch the sunrise all alone,Sitting on the tracks Hear the train come roaring in, Never coming back Laying quiet in the grass, Everything is still River stones and broken bones, Scattered on the hill" perfection...

    October 2010
  • Fuckafoe

    Nevermind, what's done is done.

    October 2010
  • Neon_Polychoron

    Beautiful and chilling at the same time, the song is about suicide.

    September 2010
  • Oriol1992

    listening and loving it :)

    June 2010
  • DaLukeman

    beautiful song

    March 2010
  • eeehaw

    Why is there an everlong vid here ?!

    February 2010
  • bigbadnmad

    no matter what the foo's do its matter what the members of foo fighters do its amazing.dave grohl in them crooked vultures,taylor hawkins in coattail riders,chris shiflett in jackson united.dunno if nate mendel is in a band other the the ff's???????????

    January 2010
  • stonedog77

    my favorite lullaby

    November 2009
  • vaidabhishek

    This song is a perfect 4 a.m. lonely highway cross country trip mustang Song !!! AViD

    November 2009
  • Rayanata

    such a great song :-)

    October 2009
  • Anderson_ma

    my fav, ever.

    October 2009
  • Anderson_ma

    i love it so much

    August 2009
  • empe7

    czyste piękno..

    March 2009
  • nzsoulsurfer

    Love the Foo! Dave Grohl is an amazing songwriter

    February 2009
  • jirafa_pecosa

    u.u i likeeeeee

    February 2009
  • BobDabbelina


    January 2009
  • vedder82

    still one of the best...

    January 2009
  • koolkook

    i adore this track!

    January 2009
  • Panzerdrako

    i imagine listen this in a car, back to home for some freeway in the country...

    January 2009
  • Chriz__

    such a nice track for the monday evening! =)

    November 2008
  • MysticEarth

    such a nice track for the monday morning!

    November 2008
  • Greendaddy

    I'm biased....All Foo Fighters is amazing....ALL OF IT.

    November 2008
  • vaidabhishek

    Why the hell this song has so less scrobbles ... wht the hell is wrong with the people !!! AViD

    September 2008
  • aavindraa

    vaidabhishek: listen to "no way back" not as mellow, but excellent song

    July 2008
  • MarchHeyYes

    vaidabhishek,try Foo Fighters - Walking after you !

    July 2008
  • fuzmeister

    Nice intro to a laid back collection of a-foo-stic songs.

    July 2008
  • outsideOF

    I dont like FF

    June 2008
  • amicablecrayon

    See You is kinda similar!

    June 2008
  • vaidabhishek

    Can please anyone for heaven's sake ... suggest me more like this one !!!! I'll be eternally grateful to you !!! AViD

    June 2008
  • KILLAmeggy


    May 2008
  • barni952

    ooo yes¡¡¡¡

    May 2008
  • vaidabhishek

    Yaa this song is phenomenal ... Best one of F F's i have heard so far .. !!! AViD

    April 2008
  • Mowie666

    pretty cool tune

    February 2008
  • turbofistro

    Me mola, gramola.

    January 2008
  • escapsism

    I love this song... lovely lyrics ;)

    November 2007
  • twebb72

    I was stuck on this song when I first got the album. This one and 'the deepest blues are black.'

    October 2007
  • Mesua

    the best song on In Your Honour.

    July 2007
  • Marcusml333

    Really nice...

    March 2007
  • jaj43123

    This song is so amazing. The bass drum every so often is sooo perfect. *Applaudes Foo Fighters*

    February 2007
  • LadyMacduff

    The only good song on the whole album, I'd say.

    July 2006
  • sonicreducer94


    February 2006