• I R has journaL?

    31 Dec 2009, 03:51 by RETED

    Bored...wandering about my own page and I realize I can do a whole journal thing? Eh...its the end of the year, and everyone and their mothers doing a "best of" so why not me...A look at my charts tell me these are my top 10s for 2009:

    10: Metallica (notice that for the most part that its only pre-2000 Metallica)
    9: Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl attempting to sing "Stairway to Heaven" (key word: attempting) is awesome
    8: Eminem (Relapse came out, figured I brush up on Encore before checking it out)
    7: The Killers ("Spaceman" wasnt memorable, yet it was compelling)
    6: Matchbox Twenty (And yet I STILL havent picked up Exile on Mainstream)
    5: Linkin Park (Not entirely sure why. They havent been all that great since that whole Jay-Z Collision Coarse thing)
    4: Rise Against (For a bunch of tools, theyre good...as long as you ignore their cry baby political songs)
    3: Avenged Sevenfold (Tim Burton should give them a call and tell Danny Elfman to fuck off)
  • Foamy The Squirrel Group

    5 Sep 2007, 04:28 by MistressVenoma


    So yeah...Today I created this group and I hope all goes well.

    Foamy is awesome and he deserves way more attention than he gets.
    End of story.
    Hope all the rest of you agree.