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After the summer of 2009, Phoenix (vocals, rap) decided to create a Greek Rap Rock band with elements of rap, alternative rock and nu metal. The original core of the band, was formed by Phoenix and Dj Technician (turntables, samples), former members of a hip-hop group Sticheia, along with Bill (drums) and Lo-Fi (bass guitar), previous members of a rapcore group «X-Babylon." They had been all brought together in past in a band known as «Group Therapy». This is how FlyByWire (FBYW) began, and the arrival of G-Kid (guitar) in November 2009 completed the band.

During the summer of 2010 they started their first live performances and within a year participated in over 30 concerts in Athens and Cyprus. They have appeared in various Festivals such as (B-fest, Agia Napa Youth Festival, Island of Dreams, BandAges, Ziria Music Festival, Atlantis, Athens Hip-Hop Festival, European Music Day, etc.) and music bars such as: (KooKoo, Oxygono, Passport, Bios, AN Club, Seven Sins, Bad City, etc.) with artists: (Socrates Malamas, Kazoulis Vasillis, Georgia Kefalas) and music bands: (Locomondo, Ble, Magic de Spell, Rodes, Artemis- Efthimis, Giants, Trendy Hooliguns, Furror, Musica Ficta, Looming Titties etc.)

Their first DEMO CD released in 2010 included 4 songs and was distributed for free at their live performances and radio stations in Athens and counties of Greece for promotional purposes. Two of those songs that stood out and remained high in the charts where Mi anastrepsimos “Irreversible” and X-isosi “Equation". Their first full length album X-isosi released in April 2012 by the independent music label Ixotron Spinners with 8 tracks, an intro outro and some interludes.

They have made appearances and played live music in television shows such as, Radio Arvila ANT1, ESC ET1, and on radio, More Radio. They have also given interviews to radio stations (Atlantis Fm, Mind Radio, Rock Fm, Contact, etc.) and have co worked either in the form of sponsorship communication or interviews, with magazines and e-magazines like (Rock Hard, Metropolis, Rock Way , hiphop.gr, bouriblog.com, musicmash.gr, metalhead.gr, hqm.gr, rockoverdose.gr, hiphopmusical.eu, rockap.gr etc.)

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