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Flugschädel was founded in the early nineties in Flensburg, Germany.

Leaving behind their former live performance band : Aissa Saved.
Beeing torn into digital age stone cave carving.

Udø : AissaSaved, Fired Engines meet Pruned Stations, MGBG
Samples, programming, lyrix, vocals
Øle : AissaSaved, Bocksch, Gunpowder electric
Samples, programming, lyrix, vocals
Jørch : AissaSaved, Projörktor,
light, images, film, performance.

The will to perform lead to few live appearances, of less were documented.

The spontanous session in the deep cellars of the old red Flora in Hamburg:
They were sitting besides a big self welded metal monster,
scanding the texts, read from a paper, beeing flooded by
projected image and film processings done by Projörktor.

Flugschädel is messed up with all
meaningly, artistic, perfect, stylish, ….
and tries not to leave the fields of
Progressive Dilletantism.

Against the still holding rumors Flugschädel had to give up playing by themselves.
All Sounds used on the albums were fragments of masterpieces, digitaly sampled, edited and
lined up with an Atari computer. During Aissa Saved the Atari was travelling in a box,
but now a small Dat was doing the job.

But they made an album, someone had payed for them, to make it.
They did it with Plattenmeister, a special label, which page you should visit.
It was called Flugschädel, Flugschädel by Flugschädel.
Everything was played on multitrack tape in a big studio
and Joszi Sorokowski created the famous Flugschädel Sound.
Quickly the Dat ended as a CD.

The helmet mask concept became the highlight of Flugschädels appearances,
containing the pre´s of the second album Othniel trug Flugschädel.
This was done as a triple performance of two
light processing coated Characters wearing big self welded
metal mask helmets at the WestWerk (HH) 1994.
Flugschädel also appeared at a swatch presentation in Frankfurt
and on a Markthalle Festival;
presenting their Sound, metal characters and light performance.

Though the Flugschädels were living in different cities yet,
they became members of Bocksch, beeing irritated of not playing themselves,
made an album and a live tour through germany;
including stage monster machines moved by washingmashine motors.

Shaving the tooth of time
Flugschädel reached the level
having become Cult Rumor Famous.

For more information see german language page.

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