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  • memory's!
  • I'd like a pint.
  • love them and their music
  • Some of the best moments in any gig has been when they played this and What's left of the Flag live.
  • fokin' owsum! XD
  • I wanna drink! NOW! Oh, alright but you've only got 'til the end of the song then. Forkin' A
  • Absolutely f'in amazing.
  • great pub music
  • Such a fun song :D
  • Also September in Dallas! yay yay yay yay!
  • just saw them on sunday and they fuckin rocked!
  • 2 weeks left to see em live again, oh i love life !
  • Best drinking song Ive never drank too
  • I love this song (Schneidergrabenparty:-))
  • This is the best song ever :D
  • wheey! Tuneee!
  • yeah!
  • yay!
  • awesome.
  • best drinking song ever! maybe. i need to start playing tony hawk's again...
  • Happy Saint Patrick's Day =P
  • Party on! Positive vibes!
  • thank you tony hawk for exposing me to this song years ago :)
  • to me this song has an upbeat sadness, listen when you drink to forget everything
  • haha love it :D
  • i love this song so damn much
  • Seeing them again on Feb 9th in Detroit!
  • cause we find ourselves in the same old mess... i fucking love them!!!
  • one of my favorite flogging molly songs ever! i love it!!
  • This rulez!
  • singing drunken Lullabies
  • Must it take a life for hateful eyes to glisten once again?
  • I love these guys so much. They have changed my life. Insanity and hilarity, and a scary obsession with piracy... genius celtic love. SING A LITTLE MORE, ON THE DEVIL'S DANCE FLOOR.
  • Cause' we find ourselfs in the same old mess, sing the drunken lullabies (8)


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