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  • copiousbred


    last month
  • littlechuckiec

    Oh, man. That bass.

    last month
  • gnotehead

    anthem of my generation

    last month
  • maccrash

    the first three or four seconds where he says 'fuck' and gives in exasperated sigh drive this song home. this is one of the best songs of all time

    May 2015
  • LuizFellype

    the best song in the universe (4)

    April 2015
  • grifter84

    Put to amazing use in The Americans.

    March 2015
  • boozec

    This is so Dope!

    March 2015
  • cjtwickuk

    Probably one of the most notable bass riffs ever. Genius.

    January 2015
  • JovanaJoxy

    this is the most powerful song ever

    January 2015
  • pteronophobic

    Probably the best song of the Buckingham/Nicks era.

    December 2014
  • pinkbuick

    Angry, but sexy!

    November 2014
  • spacemonkey2977

    the best song in the universe (3)

    November 2014
  • Druid66

    SO hypnotic... almost more of a mystic chant, than like a conventional rock song.

    November 2014
  • lucetteveen


    November 2014
  • shoegazefan


    October 2014
  • dfibr

    A masterpiece!

    September 2014
  • dxmrobotrip


    September 2014
  • hanstone

    Is this a new one?

    July 2014
  • TuneBlendR

    Love Lindsey's guitar on this... simply stellar!

    July 2014
  • porcelainstars

    Run in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies, and if you don't love me now, you will never love me again. I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain. [2]

    July 2014
  • copiousbred

    such a powerful song to belt along to

    May 2014
  • Gui_Lennon

    I don't believe I've never heard that before *-*

    April 2014
  • sorry

    The bassline gives me chills.

    April 2014
  • thelastamy

    great song <3

    April 2014
  • marjo47

    Everything they`ve made was gorgeous and so was this one to,

    March 2014
  • l34052


    February 2014
  • Kimiyou_Suiren

    Never break the chain!

    January 2014
  • wildroses07

    this song has got SO MUCH overwhelming power! even more when you know their story.

    December 2013
  • scream-it

    the best song in the universe [2]

    December 2013
  • emorockgirlie

    the best song in the universe

    September 2013
  • marjo47


    July 2013
  • sasukeroxxx

    Total beast of a song! Can't stop listening to it.

    June 2013
  • Crabroast22

    The build up to that bass line. Oh my jesus....

    June 2013
  • evanmast

    run in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies. and if you don't love me now, you will never love me again. i can still hear you saying you would never break the chain.

    June 2013
  • williamc99

    Absolutely amazing. The whole song is perfect. That ending though....Bloody hell, amazing...

    April 2013
  • spacemonkey2977

    Dung Dung Dung.........

    March 2013
  • JovanaJoxy


    February 2013
  • RoomForSymmetry


    January 2013
  • DanChorley

    Best fucking song EVER.

    January 2013
  • strutterf


    December 2012
  • Tron1276

    So killer.

    December 2012
  • touchthatSPACE

    Silkworm did a great cover as a single in the early '90s

    November 2012
  • dannmarks

    Wow what a great song.... Great instrumentation and even cooler lyrics...

    September 2012
  • denise2105

    ooooh my

    July 2012
  • Tr1xx

    This song is to Formula One motor racing what The Rembrandts "I'll Be There For You" is to Friends

    June 2012
  • richardneal

    Christine broke the Chain

    June 2012
  • Bought_New_Soul

    Guitar solos are always necessary

    May 2012
  • charlieandval

    an all time great

    May 2012
  • gitfacehal

    The best bass line ever. Full stop. Makes me cry. It's also the only time where a guitar solo seems absolutely necessary.

    May 2012
  • Clembot

    That bass riff, holyffffff-

    May 2012