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  • Avatar for luansilvamarr
    One of the best albums of the 70's!
  • Avatar for algenon50
    Lindsey the musical genius at work..... Love it!!
  • Avatar for fieryred2015
    Love this
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Go youre own way bigbear63 , its good for you.
  • Avatar for Druid66
    A blazing track from one of the best albums in rock, featuring incendiary guitar work by Lindsey Buckingham.
  • Avatar for DPLENG
    Never get tired of Fleetwood Mac
  • Avatar for DZRTsurfer88
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Don't call coax Heathcliff another baby and there's no joy and the control plays with him and he is a song which breaks my heart hearing this when he
  • Avatar for selene_101
  • Avatar for usamike
    Glee made me love this song !
  • Avatar for RAY7654321
    I love you Stephanie Lynn. Stevie when I met her in July 1976 for 17 seconds, she took my breath away:
  • Avatar for bicknor
    I shall go my way................ as does everyone else.
  • Avatar for changelingette
    suuuuuch a good song
  • Avatar for porcelainstars
    you can go your own way
  • Avatar for hairdon
    best band ever.....with stevie nicks
  • Avatar for Liloucat
    I like it ..with Christine ! great :)
  • Avatar for PsychoDad149
    Awesomest album EVER. Most bands counted on one hit per album, maybe two, three if lucky. There was MAYBE one on Rumours that WASN'T a hit.
  • Avatar for littlechuckiec
    The best Mac song IMHO
  • Avatar for Hasen_Papa
    Great live act with Christine and Stevie !
  • Avatar for MackSpane
    How funny to see that RAYMOND.... I was just coming on here to mention, though I always knew Mick Fleetwood was an amazing drummer, you just have no idea HOW amazing until you see him play. Carl Palmer and Liberty DeVito are about the only two guys from the same time period I would put in his class. IIRC, Mick Fleetwood won the Playboy award for Best Rock Drummer something like 12 years consecutively, and though, to my knowledge, they no longer hand out those awards, it was no joke to get that award back then. Also, IIRC, Billy Joel on Keyboards was the only other artist to win as many consecutive awards, though of course Joel's awards were for piano/keyboards.
  • Avatar for jomabbs
    this just shows how go mick Fleetwood is on drums, I think he is so under rated.
  • Avatar for sidney_adv
    Fleetwood Mac, espetacular!!!!
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Good version with Christine McVie, she has been a great asset to this band to.Love Stevie Nix also!
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for scattyman
    Great song, also great news on Christine McVie returning to the band full time :-)
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Wonderful, rocking kiss-off song. Guitars, drums, harmonies are just incredible on this!
  • Avatar for t69gto
    Ahhhhh, The 70's I can dig it!
  • Avatar for littlechuckiec
    spacemonkey2977 you said it all.
  • Avatar for Storchel
    My god, this is miles away from their early stuff with Peter Green
  • Avatar for kappicraig
    Old song but still brilliant.
  • Avatar for spacemonkey2977
    kicks ass with that crap that's in the charts nowadays!!!
  • Avatar for El_Salvador7
    Such a great guitar solo on the end. Relatively simple but so effective and striking.
  • Avatar for scientist4u
    sure can ,,
  • Avatar for userabc123
    alright not my favorite of theres
  • Avatar for greux
    great song
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    That's right Ray.
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    fantastic song.
  • Avatar for nastyghoul
  • Avatar for CanYouBlush
    in a fleetwood cadillac feeling like a big mac, super size me!!!
  • Avatar for santoilmionome6
    vi amooooo ,più passa il tempo e più vi amo , grazie fleetwood mac
  • Avatar for bicknor
    Yes, my way.
  • Avatar for TWHsr
    Sure is good.
  • Avatar for bdodkin
    Hard to think of my all time favourite.........then I hear this
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    Yep, beautiful song, AND Lindsey plays with his fingers NOT a crude nasty man!
  • Avatar for mendomama1
    I can never get enuff of fleetwood mac!
  • Avatar for quietschkommode
    Ich habe mich in diesen Song verliebt......
  • Avatar for littlechuckiec
    The BEST Mac song ever!!
  • Avatar for shuuni
    One of my favorite songs from them!
  • Avatar for JerryZola25
  • Avatar for gdcman
    Buckingham is a very good axe player, but he is far from the best. He isn't even the best Fleetwood Mac guitar player. His solos are always very tastefull though and fit perfectly with their songs.


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