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Tango in the Night
Fleetwood Mac

Tango in the Night



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  • please buy their music 'cause they owe me a lotta schkeils, rubles , and yet again when will the yens , start . . . at a 60 no b/s if i needed diahreaa out of both sides of your digestive tracts . . . please 860-639-4172 . according to law i have to serve notice . . .please . this forum is not formal / / / the court requires me to file an appearance so that the court can adjudicate
  • you and i part II , i wrote to say . . . where did part I go ?
  • mac&cheese please provide footage of a recent show . . . along with the new material that was in the mix . . . . thanx JMS
  • so i wrote you and i part II . . . where the fuck did part I go ?
  • so i wrote welcome sara 'cause she was an RN i bitch slapped the neophytes . . .the john and mickey show took a bit longer to convince !
  • so i wrote tell me lies 'cause chris said i will play with the mac & cheese if you fix my little barn
  • this album was supposed to be partial payment on the debt . . . instead they took production writes and everything . . . if you do not hear jim's tight co-ordination you don't know me . thanx JMS
  • so when i played with the mac & cheese there was no buck-knife bullshit . . . clear and succinct every fuckin' note . . and there was no orgasmitron i loved him while i was fuckin' him thanx JMS
  • how is that you and the mickey mouse club could find me in australia , , , blastin' ,tyin' rebar, pourin' concrete as a means of "escapin' reality" buildin' a housing project only to get a sign disavailin' any knowledge of Fleetwood Mac . . . I signed with the caveat that you'all pay me 20.2 M which was ~ 1/3 of what a conservative creative accountant would find without rechargin' his/her ABACUS that bein' said you enjoyed the local cuisine and moved on . . . why they made you the spokesperson for the the Mac and cheese . . . when you always had your mouth full of meat amazed me thanx JMS
  • as always the properties are your's . . . please pay me back . . . I implore you thanx JMS(bb406)

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