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  • Avatar for lzcool
    Bom demais.
  • Avatar for kissesneverdie
    this is freakin' amazing.
  • Avatar for IHoldVertigo
    i like this song as part of the entire album, but not that much on its own
  • Avatar for mari-e
    It is indeed.
  • Avatar for Beanoboo
    It's alright.
  • Avatar for SP4UNMe
    Big love for the foxes. But this track isn't their strongest.
  • Avatar for WahSun
    <3 from Modesto CA
  • Avatar for IAmTheStee
    i woke up with morning wood. huehuehuehue
  • Avatar for sullilovesblack
    god i love them
  • Avatar for zungzwang
    This is more than awesome.
  • Avatar for danceswithdead
    freet foxes
  • Avatar for timmylucy
    Uplifting and Sunny!!
  • Avatar for KimmyFYS
    its insane how much I adore Fleet Foxes
  • Avatar for anniemann101
    ohhhhh my LOVES! <3333
  • Avatar for uurot
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for Davvda95
    V Sounds like a male stripclub.
  • Avatar for fille_jolie
    listened to them on my way to fagstaff!
  • Avatar for Nochek
  • Avatar for beccas_624
    Love love love. <3
  • Avatar for zyclonben
    he sounds like kermit the frog
  • Avatar for jammyofstafford
    I,ve not heard too much of this band but the more i do the more I like them
  • Avatar for 0butimlying0
    i believe it's just a cool rhythm in 4/4 with an occasional random change to 2/4
  • Avatar for Snooz
    What time signature is this? There seems to be some cool stuff going on here and there.
  • Avatar for BillyCupid
    'Be My Baby' drums
  • Avatar for owl21
  • Avatar for rudy_o
    The best track off Helplessness Blues!
  • Avatar for sunlapse
    Probably the only track on the new album that reaches the quality of the gems on the self-titled. Awesome.
  • Avatar for smithsforever
    my fave
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    Aww. I was hoping chinese Darth Vader was helping write the lyrics for this.
  • Avatar for itschinatown
    Do not wander.
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    "Do not want"
  • Avatar for Fylly
  • Avatar for DearSun
    I be playing this while all my babies be getting born and all. Yesm.
  • Avatar for Lloyd_Bumble
  • Avatar for charles718
    Plenty affection
  • Avatar for Eoh
  • Avatar for PseudoHaptic
  • Avatar for Flashstep
    'Ey, 'at's a noice song there, mate!
  • Avatar for MCIS
    Did a young Paul Simon travel through time and write this with Robin?
  • Avatar for Bullpillaren
  • Avatar for BrilliBi
    Awesome! Sooooo nice! WOW!

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