• A complete list of my demo tapes

    20 Nov 2006, 12:13 by jPeMelin

    In this journal entry I will try to keep an updated and complete list of my demo tapes.

    The reason for this is my wish to compile information and make it avalable to anyone interested in what recordings still exist.

    It is also meant to be an aid of an extensive demo tapes database for the Demo Tapes group.

    Some of the demos can be heard in a shuffled and streamed playlist at Anywhere.FM!

    I also ask all of you who own and collect demo tapes (as defined in the Demo Tapes group) to compile lists of your demos too, and to start asking talk about demos you know of but haven't seen around for a while. You are welcome to join the group Demo Tapes. We've got a lot to do, lets go!

    Thank you! /Jim

    (last update 2007-05-19, corrected some names)
    DEMO TAPES OF jPeMelin
    (all tapes finished, adding amateur and homemade vinyls and cds now.)

    Acrope: (Borlänge, Sweden)
    demo 94 (MC 1994)
    Till Acropia (MC 1994)

    Alter Ego: (Hofors, Sweden)
    Alter Ego (MC 1989 copy)

    Archon Satani: (Sweden)