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Flame of War is an Aryan Black Metal band hail from Wroclaw of Poland. Band members are:

Njord - Guitars, Drums Programming, Effects, Vocals
Strzygon - Vocals

Discography :

Rise of the Flame of War (Demo, 2005)
Of Sorrow, Death and Hatred (Demo, 2006)
The Flames Are Rising (Full-length, 2007)
Europa; Or, The Spirit Among The Ruins (Full-length, 2008)
Transcendence (Full-length, 2009)
To Praise Our Gods, to Conquer the World (Split, 2010)
Long Live Death! (Full-length, 2012)

Very few copies of ‘Rise Of The Flame Of War’ and ‘Of Sorrow, Death And Hatred’ were distributed, as the band was never fully satisfied with the sound.

Label contact: werewolf_promotion@wp.pl


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