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  • this is love
  • if your looking to get ALL of their music, use the isohunt torrent, i could definitely use more seeders :)
  • Try waffles.fm or what.cd, you will certainly find it there.
  • Blast Valve is delicious
  • and Untitled #2 is sweet gold
  • This shit fucking kicks ass, I'm glad I found it in college otherwise where would you find it?
  • isohunt is getting me nowhere...any other places to search? i'm having no luck.
  • my favorite album of all time hands down.
  • durr whens the new album coming out durr
  • wow it sounds cool! thanks, rapidshare!
  • Isohunt.com type in flake music, and ta-da, you've got the collection of songs.. You need a torrent-app. though, but that shouldn't be a problem
  • Deluca is fucking fantastic.
  • i sooo love old shins better. if you haven't heard the shins early EP 'Nature Bears a Vacuum', buy(?)/download it!
  • Not my upload, but here it is. Track names are all wrong, http://musicbrainz.org/release/b6e4aead-8671-4ce1-ac6f-d8331b053fa8.html check musicbrainz timing to get names properly. http://files.filefront.com/Flake_Music___When_You_Lanrar/;7701830;/fileinfo.html
  • Does any one feel like uploading this album to rapidshare or something - can't find it anywhere in the UK! If someone is nice enough perhaps you could let me know on my profile! Thanks!!!! I want to hear it!
  • i found the album at a used store for 75 cents and i almost pissed my pants. i love this album.
  • ya dont download Flake Music from itunes... i got 2 songs 2 years back on there and finally got the actual album last month and the song listing is wrong on itunes and doesnt even have all the songs... so just go to an indie record store or amazon and get it...
  • as a huge shins fan, flake music has definitely been a treat :) ive only been able to get 8 songs by them.. anyone wanna help me out?
  • i agree, it is a bonus. i know it took me forever to find anything by Flake Music.
  • Disgrace? Come on, it's just a bonus if a Shinner decides to delve into Flake Music as well :)
  • its a disgrace that most shins fans dont know about there early stuff :( flake music is brilliant
  • =) Thnks
  • Agreed.
  • Indeed.
  • Yes. Yes it is.
  • This album is brilliant.


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