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  1. Knoxville hardcore.


  2. Hardcore band from Tupelo, Mississippi.


  3. Hardcore band from Indiana/Kentucky

  4. Forfeit is a band birthed by the inspiration that its members drew from the legacy of their local scene. Having all been in previous hardcore…

  5. Pure, in your face, Kansas City XXX.

  6. There are multiple artists with this name:

    1) Thieves are an upcoming seven piece folk band from Tasmania, Australia.…

  7. Anger fueled hardcore from Chicago.

  8. Picked Clean is a hardcore band from Indianapolis, IN. Anger is what makes them tick.

    Scott- Vocals
    Dave- Guitar
    Donny- Guitar
    Aaron- Bass

  9. POW @ The Cambridge Elks (Cambridge, MA) 01/02/11:


    new full-length record in…

  10. Hammer Bros are fucking up this world with every chance they get.
    Fast, pissed, hardcore punk from Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts, USA.


  11. Bruteforce was formed in 2005 that have had strong ambitions on playing hardcore music which would later resemble New York hardcore style of…

  12. Latin for Truth is a 5 piece Posi-Punk band from Scottsboro, Alabama. The band started in 2005. Their current lineup includes:

    Charles -…

  13. There are different artists from different genre's that go by the name 'Rock Bottom'. Three are mentioned below.

    1. Hardcore/Heavy Metal Band.…

  14. There are many bands/artists named "Crucified":

    One is a hardcore band from Northern California. They fuse old NYHC (Killing Time, Breakdown,…

  15. The Bonus Army is a Hardcore band from the North Shore of Boston, USA.

    They released a s/t EP in the summer of 2007 and "Negative Outlooks" in…

  16. Dan K - Throat
    W.C. - Guitar
    Chris Chisolm - Guitar
    Tomcore - Bass
    Petey - Drums

  17. 90's style metal/HC, rap metal/rapcore and now nu-metal from Chicago. Their "Enemy" demo was released in September of 2009. …

  18. There are at least three bands named Territory

    1. Territory is a hardcore band from Tucson, Arizona signed to Escapist Records. Their sound is…

  19. There are 4 bands with the name 'All Or Nothing':

    1) All Or Nothing were a Pop-Punk quartet from Birmingham, England. Active from 2002-2011. After…


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