• Highfield Festival 2002

    15 Jul 2009, 20:39 by Ciffi

    Fr., 16. Aug. – Highfield Festival

    ursprünglich verfasst 2005.

    Im Sommer 2002 rollte das Elbhochwasser von Norden über die neuen Bundesländer und überschwemmte sämtliche Dörfer und Straßen in und um Dresden und Leipzig. Und je näher das Festivalwochenende rückte, desto mehr Elbbrücken wurden geschlossen. Und wir mussten, verdammt noch mal, über die Elbe wenn wir nach Thüringen wollten. Zu unserem Glück war am Freitag die letzte befahrbare Elbbrücke die A4 bei Dresden.

    Freitag, 16. August

    Wir starteten früh um halb 8 von Hoyerswerda und während ich das Radio einschalte, ertönt auf Radio Fritz sogar die aktuelle Filter-Single „Where Do We Go From Here“ und ich wusste: Gott ist ein Rocker.

    Nachdem wir ca. 3 Stunden auf der Autobahn zugebracht hatten und uns an dem riesigen Elb-Pegel bei Dresden ergötzt hatten, rollten wir voller Enthusiasmus durch die Thüringischen Highlands. Nach einiger Suche, diversen Beschilderungen denen wir gefolgt waren und ein paar Polizisten…
  • You should go down.

    3 Oct 2008, 23:57 by Chunnifer

    Wed 1 Oct – Filter at Wasted Space (Las Vegas)

    Promptly at 10p, the band entered one by one, Richard last.

    His band mates wore t-shirts and jeans. Richard wore a black button down and stunner shades, a Richard Patrick trademark.

    The Wasted Space venue is really small and you can barely squeeze a four-man band on the little platform. Richard was pretty conservative in his rocking out for an industrial rocker. Although he did have some violent moments with his mic stand and dared the crowd to start a mosh. The whole night, their guitarist did this head-banger move where it looked like he was trying to break flaming cinder blocks with the top of his head. * bash *

    Richard can still scream like back in the day.

    Set list:
    "Welcome To The Fold"
    "American Cliche"
    "Dose" strong sounds of STP. First song of the set that Richard picks up a guitar.
    "What's Next?"

    "Trip Like I Do"
    "Its Gonna Kill Me"
  • Another time waster

    9 Sep 2008, 02:32 by Keiroshin

    Brace yourself for another time wasting journal entry!

    Name your top ten artists:
    (I hate prioritizing my bands so I'll just take my current top 10 from lastfm)
    1) Porcupine Tree
    2) Econoline Crush
    3) God Is An Astronaut
    4) Mogwai
    5) Slowdive
    6) Hum
    7) Filter
    8) National Skyline
    9) Incubus
    10) Muse

    What was the first song you heard by #6?
    Dreamboat. Still my favorite song by Hum!

    What is your favorite album by #2?
    The Devil You Know

    What is you favorite lyric #5 have sung?
    I'm very bad with listening to the lyrical nature of a song, but I'll try my best here.

    alison i'll drink your wine
    i'll wear your clothes when we're both high
    alison i said were sinking
    but she laughs and tells me its just fine
    i guess shes out there somewhere

    How many times have you seen #4 live?
    Once! Just recently, actually.

    What is your favorite song by #7?
    Welcome To The Fold

    Have you any good memories with any music by #10?
  • Search for a Perfect Society

    5 Dec 2006, 20:52 by Darthemed

    So... I'm taking a class that shares its name with the name of this journal entry: "Search for a Perfect Society." In this class, we read books and analyze the societies within them. The books are Candide, The Beach, V for Vendetta, The Handmaid's Tale, Cat's Cradle, and Brave New World. While reading V for Vendetta, an idea came to me: To create a musical playlist to serve as a soundtrack for the course. I intended to incorporate music that applied thematically, lyrically, or appeared in one of the books. I also included the songs from the soundtrack to the movie version of The Beach, which we watched in class. Once the playlist is satisfactorily finished, I'll burn copies (in data CD format, to preserve track information and allow for more songs) for everyone else in the class, which ends with this semester. My current playlist is as follows.

    SfaPS Playlist

    1812 Overture
    The Umbrella Corporation
    Happy Nation
    Der Kommissar (considering swapping this one out for Der Kommissar)