• The National

    12 Dec 2005, 21:12 by impressmeworld

    So I went to see The National this saturday and it was a completely boring and uninspiring show. Strangest thing is that most people there didn't seem to think so. Everybody thought it was great and the reviews of the show are fantastic. But it wasnt. I must be a strange fish or just not be in tune with anyone else. The sound was muddy, the songs were blegh live and the band was just....I mean it was energetic sure, but it was just...not interesting. And it came of as sloppy. To me anyways. Apparently I am completely out of tune, but I'm sticking to it. It was not a good show. It wasn't a bad show either, it was just totally and utterly boring. On the other hand the company was amazing and the beer was kinda cheap, so a good night all in all.
    I kinda liked the warm-up band. That was Film School. Don't really know them and I honestly didn't pay that much attention, but it sounded nice enough anyways.

    Thats it!
  • back once again for the renegade master

    5 Nov 2005, 18:02 by Caribou

    well, looks like my little absence was a tad longer than i'd expected - i had planned on getting broadband at the house in chester, but nobody else seems bothered and i'm buggered if i'm sorting it out. anyway.

    you'll all be pleased to know that, in between bouts of heavy drinking, i still find time to listen to some music, and that's what i'll talk about now.

    i bought the excellent deluxe editions of Goo and Dirty. whilst 'dirty' is a pretty underrated album in my book, 'goo' is definitely the better of the two, and the standard of bonus tracks is also much higher - the 'goo' demos are superb, especially the ones for Disappearer (which was always an SY favourite of mine) and Titanium Expose.

    i also finally picked up 13 Songs, which is an absolute classic, an amazing album. not a single bad moment on the record. this album and the aforementioned Sonic Youth records, as you can imagine, have comprised the bulk of my listening recently.

  • Gigs 2005

    24 Sep 2005, 22:07 by MenageAMoi

    * Blush/Woven Hand - Brussells 29 January

    * The National + World Leader Pretend - Barfly London 19 April

    * Tom Russell - Errigle Inn Belfast 27 April

    * Laurie Anderson/The End of the Moon - Sage Gateshead 1 May

    * Maximo Park - HMV Oxford St London 17 May

    * The National + Flotation Toy Warning - 100 Club London 17 May

    * Steve Earle/Patti Smith - Royal Festival Hall 19 June

    * Keith Fullerton Whitman + Culver - Morden Tower Newcastle 13 September

    * El Presidente + Mono Taxi - King's College London 26 October

    * T.Rextasy - Customs House South Shields 3 November

    * The Decemberists+ Two Gallants - ABC2 Glasgow 16 November

    * The National + Film School - Cockpit Leeds 18 November

    * The Mountain Goats + Emma Pollock + Jont - Bush Hall London 23 November

    * ¡Forward, Russia! + We Start Fires The Cluny Newcastle Upon Tyne 30 November