• Music Quiz

    29 Sep 2006, 19:31 by lacent

    First line of random songs. Match the artist, and name the song. I'll add songs when guessed properly.

    01. "Now I have a story that Id like to tell..."
    02. "A parent walks in on a child cutting themself..."
    03. "I'd walk a thousand miles just to see you lying there dead."
    04. "Damn right that sluts my bitch..." (fuck me stilettos)
    05. "Oh I'm all for it fuck those mother fuckers..."
    06. "7 in the morning police at my door..."
    07. "Four to five times, dum-dums blast"
    08. "Yea put your hands together!"
    09. "High on cocaine, drunk drivin in the rain..."
    10. "Words that shoot off of your tongue"
    11. "I got my pistols in my pocket..."
    12. "And I want nothing more, than to make it seem logical for a change."
    13. "Now I'm of consenting age to be forgetting you in a cabaret" (But Its Better If You Do)