• Questioning Questions Shuffle Quiz

    28 Mar 2007, 08:14 by drewnew

    OK, so i saw this journal entry by stoibee and decided to take the concept a step further because i'm practically obsessed with shuffle quizzes. The gist is to randomly pick songs that ask questions and then answer them with other random songs. Here goes...

    open up a new smart playlist in iTunes (it's what i use), and enter
    Name > Contains > ?
    (you could try 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', or 'why' in place of '?' if it's not yielding enough results)
    then shuffle the list and use the first 15 song titles as your questions. write them down. then, finally, shuffle through your whole library to answer your questions (you did write them down didn't you?) Oh, and no cheating to make your answers better... sinner.

    My Results:
    Q: What is Fight Club?
    A: Like Toy Soldiers
    fight club is like toy soldiers? umm, i don't get it.

    Q: What About Me?
    A: Twist & Bend
    apparently i like to twist and bend... it's much quieter than twist and shout, but sadly not as much fun.

  • Some albums i like part 36: Trip Top to the world

    5 Jan 2007, 20:56 by geheza

  • MUSIC AS FOOD.. that's why we call it "taste".

    24 Feb 2006, 00:21 by bigpixels

    Did some more cleaning up in the apartment. So much stuff. I've always told myself that my apartment would be bare looking with clean cut lines and wall to wall floors and very little decoration and fine lighting. I stopped and stared at the DVDs there in the display case. So much stuff I've watched, with friends or alone, so much music. Nothing too too busy, I don't have THAT much music and THAT many movies. But it's still days of movies and hours of music that I've ingested, and continue to ingest. We are made of media. Whether we accept it or not. We are clothed, brand or brandless, and we inspire others and affect all that are around us when they stare and we stare back. We contain so many sounds and images, some of our own, lots that are not, but it is our thoughts about these sounds and images that make us who we are. How we ingest it digest it, like food, it becomes part of our biological makeup, and music longs for more music.