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1) Band from New Jersey is called Fight Back , a very aggressive,violent Punk/Hardcore Band
http://fightback.bandcamp.com/ download for free

2)Fight Back formed in 1997 in Pozega, Croatia, and recorded their first demo in 1999. The line up on that demo was Neno - drums, Bjeki - bass, Kktz - guitar, Dena - vocals, and Nani - Vocals. The same demo appeared on the "Crust Is Dead!" 4 way split tape with Dislike, Starvation, and Apatridi. Soon, Fight Back had some line up changes: Neno - drums, Bjeki - bass, Gera - guitar, Kktz - vocals, and Nani - vocals, and their musical direction changed from crust punk to raw hardcore. Their second demo was recorded in 2003 and appeared on "Teror Slobode", a 4-way split tape with Nepravda, Pandemija, and Deep Cunt. The Fight Back live recording from "Everything Is Disco", a hc/punk festival in Labin, is from the same year. This live recording appeared on a split CDR with Antitalents. In 2007, the Fight Back rehearsal tape was recorded, and after line-up problems, Fight Back split-up. Mamma records in Serbia released Fight Back "Sva Vlast Narodu" collection CDr + booklet. All recordings are also recently released as collection tape on Doomed To Extinction records in the USA. Fight Back presented anti-authoritarian hardcore punk with more of the working class perspective, all heavily rooted in the DIY underground. Fight Back members played in other bands as Antitude, Bad Justice, Apatridi, Sprovod, Senseless, Nepravda, T.R.B.U.H., Soter, etc, and still are playing in todays bands as Dislike, No Name, Nonsense, Los Primjer, Ljubisa Samardzic, Cherkezi United, etc…

3)The band started at march 2003 when XandeyX (drums) and Ira (bass) decided to make a new hc-grind band, So, we were one of the pioneers in russian fastcore music. In begin of may the first rehearsal happens, the kid Vova joined forces as guitarplayer. After first rehearsal we tried to give the band original and totally social name and XandreyX invent it, FIGHT BACK (at the influences by Agathocles lyrics). Right after that Vova had parted with the band due to its noisiest style. Then, man Egor started to rape the guitar for Fight Back. But after some rehearsal he leaved the band as well, because he don't give a shit about this music style. After that we have found the new guitarist, his name is Slava and now he's still in the band. The the 1st bunch of songs "It's All In Our World…And We Must Change It" was happened, we begun to make more different songs'structures and was questioned about a free singer. And right now Volodya is screaming in Fight Back. Some times later we got second guitarist Moroz, after that Slava was kicked out from the band.

And now line-up is:

XandreyX - drums
Ira - bass, back vocals
Volodya - vocals
Moroz - guitar

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