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  • Avatar for karcass
    wow... finally i found good artist...
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  • Avatar for UseOfWeapons
    Why title is capitalized now as FIELD ROTATION?.. [2]
  • Avatar for Scvip
    Caps lock=)
  • Avatar for N-Devil
    Why title is capitalized now as FIELD ROTATION?..
  • Avatar for forkke
    antihuman thanks for your story
  • Avatar for forkke
    it's too good
  • Avatar for _duif
    reading and re-reading Antihumans' comment.
  • Avatar for DrumStone
  • Avatar for Scvip
    Шли их на**!
  • Avatar for Stakan90
    А если кто не согласен... Ж
  • Avatar for Stakan90
    Чертовски хорош!
  • Avatar for alma_espacio
  • Avatar for Scvip
    Фаталист чертовски мрачный альбом.
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  • Avatar for Bohtvaroh
    New album 'Fatalist: The Repetition of History' is out!
  • Avatar for deceivedchild
    v Bersarin Quartet послушай
  • Avatar for Stakan90
    Такого звука больше не найти... Field Rotation уникален!
  • Avatar for N-Devil
    This picture -
  • Avatar for RotatingMusic
    @Colton56 Yes.
  • Avatar for Murvin01
    Oh my goodness "Acoustic Tales" is a masterpiece, nearing perfection for me.
  • Avatar for oaquard
    v holy shit
  • Avatar for Antihumans
    hi Christoph...i don't know how to put my fuckin' thoughts on paper but i know the reason why i'm trying to express my feeling inside to you, however that may be a bit droll ... i recently saw a movie by michael haneke "The Seventh Continent" ... it was boring till the middle but eventually i became dazed and numb then at the end my hand unconsciously touched the key which has played winamp-[the song "Mondfinsternis (zweiter Teil)" remix], then i really really felt like death ,a deeply melancholic feeling devoid of color and devoid of sense... something further than impression ... i dont remember much more than this i just remember that was neither good nor bad ... just want you to experience it for yourself if you didn't before and if you see this comment ... hard to understand but undeniably there is an imposing connection between your music, haneke's movies and kafka's stories
  • Avatar for georgy-196
    regenzeit is the most relaxing song I have ever heard ..
  • Avatar for SITOSITO1212
    best ambient works i've heard since months. Thank you.
  • Avatar for mistwalker_
    neoclassiacal ambient with a grape of light melancholy, without lots of experimental influences. beautiful harmony)
  • Avatar for N-Devil
    Beautiful music!..
  • Avatar for gracenf4u
    This music is like watching the beauty of clouds moving in the valley and the herd moving cross hillside leaving their patterns as they cross and graze. this music is like making love to the wife of my youth in fire light while storm rage outside and cold ... time to bring the flock to other field, this side is chewed down a bit and it is much greener on other side now... ...could just be lunar shadows...
  • Avatar for Peasounay
    That's even wonderful
  • Avatar for Peasounay
    That's Nice
  • Avatar for Danka66
    Bitte kommen Sie in die Tschechien, ist doch in der Nähe. :)
  • Avatar for Jimmy_IN
  • Avatar for ForgetMeNot_
    нет слов...
  • Avatar for tokyochorus
    why did you check it this time? hm?
  • Avatar for tokyochorus
    if i wanted it i would have already gotten it, colton! thank you for your concern though, and your timely response. do you check back here every day, or just my profile?
  • Avatar for tokyochorus
    shut the fuck up, colton
  • Avatar for Trakkon
    great artist
  • Avatar for Bohtvaroh
    Awesome find!
  • Avatar for gutalino
    приятный паренёк
  • Avatar for Antihumans
    the more i listen to acoustic tales the more "The World and its People" becomes small n slight through my eyes ....
  • Avatar for goldengriffin90
    Acoustic Tales is great. I need to listen to it more often. I've only listened twice, but it's a great chill out album for sure.
  • Avatar for FallingUpwards7
    Во мне.
  • Avatar for tokyochorus
    one of these best of the year
  • Avatar for Wrenaissance
    Really digging Acoustic Tales, great music to browse/chill to.
  • Avatar for BloWorld
    This album is amazing. I have pre-order it at Denovali Records. Can't wait!
  • Avatar for denovalirecords
    preorder now FIELD ROTATION - REGENZEIT 10'' - in line with the ACOUSTIC TALES 2xLP we're realizing another more electronic based limited 10'' together with FIELD ROTATION. you can listen to one of the tracks in the second player on - this 10'' is limited to 300 copies (100 in clear gold and 200 in black) and won't be repressed. thanks a lot.
  • Avatar for denovalirecords
    preorder now: FIELD ROTATION - ACOUSTIC TALES 2x12'' listening: ordering: 2 colored versions limited to 100 pieces. download via new mp3 store available this weekend. thanks a lot.
  • Avatar for Rugaroo
    amazing new album!
  • Avatar for BOECK39
    love your mix of classic and electronics .
  • Avatar for Ame_Nomade
    you're a genius... go on!


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