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  • Avatar for sangremuerto
    impressive band
  • Avatar for Smsmsm1
    Hi ,I invite you to group "World Terror Committee"
  • Avatar for Laanse
    2009 > 2014
  • Avatar for OneColourBlack
    That Omega A.D guy is desperately in love with Proscriptor. And that can't be a bad thing.
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    I'm liking this....
  • Avatar for rui_santos
    New albums is awesome. X2
  • Avatar for ktt-nkwd
    New albums is awesome. DsO-worship, but it's great.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    incredibly boring
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    New album is incredible
  • Avatar for TheArtofShred88
    new album fucking slays
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    unimpressive new album
  • Avatar for CyklikTorture
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
  • Avatar for versionfiv everything's a little different now. no awe inspiring atmospheric riffs on this track anyway.
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    Finally a new album
  • Avatar for Akmenija
    *bows down*
  • Avatar for VinceNet
  • Avatar for Damianek666XD
    brutal <3
  • Avatar for Cohorror
    That cover art indeed. Amazing album.
  • Avatar for Zarthory
    Very good.
  • Avatar for Matti81
    what about "Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans"???
  • Avatar for ingvar1231 - check out our first demo
  • Avatar for Uruakan
    That cover-art.
  • Avatar for Saintnick_Ukr
  • Avatar for Laanse
  • Avatar for ViolaMary
    For those wishing to check out something experimental.
  • Avatar for zak-24
    Sound so perfect. Respect.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    indeed, just found out about this.
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    This is very good
  • Avatar for LORDINFERNO666
  • Avatar for brutalluis
  • Avatar for abhorion
    fucking awesome album
  • Avatar for Archaeaeon
    The kind of stuff you need to listen with a mild hint of concentration so you can fully enjoy it. Nice album.
  • Avatar for xTalulAx
    Live at Darkness Rising open air, Belgrade, Serbia:
  • Avatar for Cohorror
    One of the best BM bands around today
  • Avatar for Mortum_est
  • Avatar for TheancientoaK
    Best Italian band at the moment.
  • Avatar for aenlith
    This is quite good instead, go to strive for attention somewhere else...
  • Avatar for Happy_Funeral
    Hahahahhah Very funny band :) I hope they are not serious because even satan hates this :O
  • Avatar for Afschuw
    @SP-K-TR; source?
  • Avatar for Totentraum
    nothing new, but very good
  • Avatar for SP-K-TR
    New album announced.. FUCK YEAH!
  • Avatar for steal_briefcase
    new music plskthx.
  • Avatar for ErasedFromLife
    Great album, too bad there are only 4 songs, can't wait for some new material.
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
    Great album, Thank you
  • Avatar for Afschuw
    Few songs, much appreciated.
  • Avatar for noirculte
    Not bad.
  • Avatar for NogueiraTr00
    very good
  • Avatar for Blutkvlt
    Kinda like Funeral Mist crossed with Behexen. Verdict: I like.
  • Avatar for Eternally_Blind
    really good!


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